Just a reminder that Google is run by douchebags with zero integrity.

Remember when those Google douchebags played up their inclusion of a headphone jack for their Pixel 1 and then silently removed it for the Pixel 2?

I remember it. Just wanted to remind everyone that Google has douchebags running it.

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Accidental Millionaire™

“Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

No, it doesn’t.  It never has.  However, it does grow on computers or, more precisely, computer networks.  Bitcoin, a non-existent physical currency, is worth between $13,000 and $20,000 (yes, it is that volatile).  In other words, having 1 Bitcoin (the value of 1 because, again, there’s no paper money or actual coin) can give you real-world money.  That’s a hard concept for many, myself included.  Still doesn’t stop me from partaking.

No doubt, many millionaires have emerged from the Bitcoin boom, and probably some recent Litecoin millionaires, after having gone from $3 a year or more ago to $300ish now.

I’m here to push htmlcoin again.  This coin is the “Little Engine That Could.”  Like some religious figure, it keeps dying and resurrecting.  To be fair, it’s never really died.  It’s just come really close due to some issue with the underlying tech.

htmlcoin 1.0 never got more difficult to mine.  Becoming a 1.0 “billionaire” was easy.  Clearly, that was bad design destined for failure, but…

htmlcoin 2.0 (known as html5) was better and even showed a bit of value.  Could have become a contender, but fell victim to the 51% attack.  Still..

htmlcoin 3.0 (known as htmlcoin Core 2.0) is here, with the latest Bitcoin and Etherium technology.  I can’t pretend to know the Etherium tech, but many people I’ve talked to (that got me into Cryptocurrency) believe the Etherium model is the future.

So, why do I keep pushing on htmlcoin?  Because, I’ve been dabbling since 2013 and I’ve watched coins like htmlcoin (lots of hype and promise) disappear because they’ve proven to be shit.  Instead, htmlcoin continues to thrive and the developers and community at large want it to succeed.   That kind of fervor is what so many companies, businesses, and ideas want and need to succeed so, based on perseverance alone, I think this coin will be a contender.

In the last few days, I’ve watched htmlcoin range from $0.0002 to $0.0005 per coin.  Source:  https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/htmlcoin/ (Ignore the fact that they’re still using the html5 nomenclature – that’ll be fixed as soon as the htmlcoin Core 2.0 coins are in full effect).  My point is,  a coin that should have been dead twice has value, and more value than its peers (I mean little-known cryptocoins, not Bitcoin).

Want to ride the next “Accidental Millionaire™” train?  I’m willing to bet this is it.  Putting this info perspective, it’s REALLY EASY RIGHT NOW to get millions of coins.  Imagine if you had 10,000,000 coins right now.  If the value went to even 25¢ per coin (https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/ – Sort by price and see how many coins are worth 25¢ that you’ve never heard of) – you’d have $6.2 million dollars.

Please consider donating to my blog.  I accept:

  • HBf8AKUMBGyUaj6gSiiD4deuFYbfyWMjNk (html5coin) – The older html5 coin while it’s still available (the next 60 days or so).  Only works from the older html5 wallet.
  • HYaM5sb1oxXPL8xNV2Ss335x7LBb34wcDp (htmlcoin Core 2.0) – The current htmlcoin (this is preferable to html5, for obvious reasons).  Only works from the new htmlcoin 2.0 wallet.
  • 1AxvWLXNC1xeVvF9HjVvn353yauGkT5gvx – Bitcoin (BTC)
  • 1FgEvW7Q5DnhixVumQzFe2gNBqJSyHda34 – Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • 0x0949cce4412E88AAB8d4a7DB0a96d83315BFD8b0 – Etherium (ETH only, not the older ETC)
  • LdErAyKivYFujjBJUTmnxkiBqqZcjxfWgX – Litecoin (LTC)


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Remember when you needed to proofread your shit and actually know words to be a paid writer?

Bitcoin Surges Above $14,000 For The First Time

https://archive.is/WN4Vo (just in case someone corrects it after reading here first)

“Don’t put in more than you can stand to loose,” said Roedell.

http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/personality/alexandria-hoff/ – It would seem that Alexandria Hoff is another adult who gets paid to not know the difference between the word lose and the word loose or, at the very least, when to use [sic].

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Apple – Get it together, will ya?

Apple, as one of your loudest and most obnoxious fanboys, I expect greatness from you.  No, I demand it.   I demand greatness from your products and security to be taken seriously the entire time.  Up until now, I could rest pretty easily knowing that what you’ll release will be as awesome as yesteryear, but now I am feeling a tad uneasy about it all.  It’s clear that you’re spreading yourself too thin, despite being a huge company with the most amount of money (hahahahahahahahahaha, Microsoft :P).

Let’s cover all the things that bug me greatly as a diehard Apple fan.

  • iOS 11 – I get that .0 updates are messy, but this one was really bad.
  • 10.13.1 – C’mon.  A root bug?  Really?   How many invalids are you hiring and/or how many talented people are you firing or driving out?  Seriously, stop focusing on diversity or whatever nonsense you’re doing and hire the best person to handle the work.  I don’t care what their ethnic background is or what their sexual preferences are.  As long as they can’t stop the bleeding of the lack of QC, I’m good.
  • The Mac Pro – This isn’t even my market, but you neglected this forever.  Whatever you replace it better be nothing short of spectacular and USABLE, lest you lose that market for good.  Don’t count on the iOS crowd keeping you afloat.  They’ll jump to the “coolest” new gadget, gimmick, whereas the Mac faithful will attempt to stick it out with you and buy the good, expensive stuff.  Don’t be stupid.
  • The Mac mini – Again, not my market, but come on.  Update this already and make it fairly easy to upgrade internals.  If you’re going to put in old tech (CPU) or low RAM, or a small SSD, give the users the option to upgrade them (the RAM and SSD, at the very least).  Remember when you made this shit easy to do?
  • iMacs – Awesome machines, but I remember the days where you made it stupidly simple to open a compartment and upgrade stuff, like RAM.  Why can’t you design in suck a way that a panel on the back open right to RAM and SSD?  I’m sure there are reasons, like heat dissipation, but you guys manage to pull of miracles all the time.
  • MacBook Pro –
    • Where do I begin?  In 2013, I bought a machine with 16GB RAM.  If I wanted to buy a 2017 (and presumably 2018) machine, I’d still only get 16GB RAM.  Now, that wouldn’t be a problem if I could upgrade it later myself, but $2500+ for a machine in 2017 where I cannot upgrade it later is a shitty place to be.
    • The touch bar seems cool, but is it useful?  As a sometimes-user of the terminal, a physical Escape key is still very much welcome.  That aside, the touch bar has essentially earned itself as the “easy emoji picker,” and you can blame yourselves for that, with that first promo video.  I’m not saying I have the answer for it, but I hope it evolves into something better or even has some better placement.  The demos where people use the trackpad and touchbar together look uncomfortable at best, in terms of placement.
    • Keyboard.  Ugh.  It’s ok, but I hate the lack of travel and, even more, how loud those keys are.  I can’t type fairly quietly on my 2013 MBP, but the latest models are loud in a quiet office.  No good.  Lastly, I keep hearing of keys and keyboards breaking.  Remember when MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, PowerBooks, and iBooks all had seemingly-unbreakable keyboards?  I do.
    • Trackpad.  I kinda like the force touch thing, but is that going to hurt my fingers/joints?  I mean, I’m pushing something that doesn’t truly push.  Have we looked into the long-term effects of such things?  More curious than anything else.

I’m sure I’ll add more as I think of them, but it seems like Apple can’t get it together these days.  You’re a big fucking company.   Hire the resources you need (and you clearly need them).

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Htmlcoin as of 11-21-2017

As usual, the guys running this coin display a combination of motivation, persistence, excitement, and a slight missing of the mark.  What I mean by that last one is, the emails have gone out in full force regarding the updated wallets and an online form to swap old coins for new coins.  So far:

  • The github link for the new wallet leads to a lovely 404.
  • The form to do the swap is non-existent.

Don’t worry.  If history has taught me anything, these guys will get things up and running soon enough, and the value will explode in value… for reasons I still don’t understand.

I am “long” in htmlcoin and hope to be one of their “accidental millionaires.”  Make no mistake about it.  If I become a millionaire due to this coin, I’ll be giving back to the community.  Seems only fair!  😀


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Waterdog Computer Works – Misleading Mac users to make a buck.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.56.43 PM

Macs DO get infected with viruses and malware.  This has always been the case.

There.  I just quoted Waterdog Computer Works from their Facebook ad (illustrated above).

Waterdog Computer Works – a PA-based computer firm is trying to convince Mac users that they do get viruses. First off, any computer firm that doesn’t differentiate between viruses and malware is already borderline scammy.  That’s like saying “being sick” and “having HIV” are the same thing.  They are clearly not, and the same goes for viruses and malware.

Malware is any kind of bad piece of software, ranging from things like adware, spyware, and browser hijackers to viruses, worms, and ransomware.

It is important to make this distinction because Macs DO suffer from the former three items and, while there have been some ransomware scares, I’ve yet to see them come to fruition.  If you don’t understand the Mac’s mechanisms for adding programs (installing like you do on Windows is actually NOT the norm), it’s quite possible to infect yourself.  It’s quite like picking up a needle on the street and jabbing yourself with it.

Browser hijackers can be anything from a Trojan to a bad extension.  Trojans, if you were unsure, are either programs that got installed along with something else or simply lied about what it was to begin with.  On Mac, you need to give your admin password to do these kinds of installs, so you did it to yourself.  Again, as I said before, this is NOT the normal way to do installs, so don’t fret.  That said, we won’t cover the methods of adding programs today.

Finally, the point I want to get to.  There are no viruses and worms on a Mac.  When I say viruses and worms, I mean programs that self-install and self-propagate.  In fact, ask Waterdog Computer Works to PROVE such a piece of malware exists and I’ll gladly retract this article and apologize.  They can’t or they won’t.  Why?  As I said… they don’t exist.  Mac OS 9, with a shitty 2-3% market share and a NON-public Mac API Kit had true viruses.  macOS (née Mac OS X), since 3-24-2001, has had (near) zero.  We’ll say “near” but I don’t think there’s been even one.

I’m willing to bet WCW will either ignore you, block you, or post to some “proof” from 1999, because that’s what scaremongers/ liars do.  They avoid answering the question.  They may be good at what they do outside of the Mac community but, let’s face it, Mac is not Windows anymore than Wayne (WCW’s location) is North Philly.

*ACHOO* – Did you just sneeze?  Don’t worry.  WCW will be glad to sell you HIV meds to take care of that…




Update:  http://archive.is/idFN2

You’ll see that WCW links to Toms Guide as “proof” of Mac viruses, but once again, 2017 has not been the “banner year for Mac Malware,” despite Amit Serper’s assertion (Who the fuck is Amit again?)

All I see is an article referencing PUPs and quoting Malwarebytes, but Malwarebytes NEEDS Mac users to not understand viruses vs malware so they can scare them into paying for a premium service they don’t need.  In turn, WCW needs ignorant Mac users to pay them to install a premium version of Malwarebytes… paying for both a product they don’t need and a scammy company to do it for them.

To be fair, the free Malwarebytes product is good to have, in case you do install a Trojan (read: PUP), but these installations are user-error and can be avoided with proper understanding.

As usual, the scaremongers are out in full force, using deceptive language, and all jerking each other off to make a buck.


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Htmlcoin – the cryptocoin that keeps defying the odds and all logic.

I’ve said it before… Htmlcoin is an anomaly among the cryptocurrency world. Back in 2013 and 2014, I did a ton of altcoin mining – mainly scrypt coins, including Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zeitcoin, Procoin, Htmlcoin, and so many others.

Many of those coins simply disappeared. Procoin, which touted itself as the cryptocurrency for small businesses just… disappeared one day, rendering all coins immediately useless. Just par for the course.

Htmlcoin seemed even worse. The mining for these coins never increased in difficulty in the early days, netting millions of coins per day. I didn’t care. The running joke in my head was that I’d finally become a billionaire, even if it was in a coin clearly destined to disappear. Trading it smartly with doge would result in getting more doge and more html. It was a great coin for playing with.

Instead of disappearing, they decided to fix the coin. They changed the algorithm for mining and did a coin swap, kind of like a reverse split. I wasn’t a billionaire anymore 😦 but at least I still had a healthy amount. Dubbed html5 (despite still being htmlcoin officially), it was definitely seen as a much healthier coin. It traded for somewhat better amounts of doge and even litecoin at times.

Over the years, I just held most of my amount, as it’s supposed to go “POS” in 5 years, which is interest bearing. Last few times I looked, its USD price was embarrassingly low (like $0.00000008).

Then, over the last few months, it was subject to a 51% attack, which seems to open the block-chain to manipulation. Ok, well, it was fun while it lasted, and it certainly outlasted all the other coins from back in the day.

What’s that, you ask? Why is htmlcoin worth $0.000181 today (and trading for approximately 0.00000005 BTC – prices fluctuate)? Who the fuck knows? However, they’re fixing the coin AGAIN and doing a mostly 1-for-1 swap of the coin, so most people won’t lose anything. 1000000 htmlcoin today is worth $181 (or 0.05BTC, which is about $210).

Man, if I still had 1,000,000,000 htmlcoins today, I could potentially trade it for…. $181,000.

If history has taught me anything about htmlcoin, it’s that it defies everything. Shitty original algorithm, 51% attack on newer version of the coin, and on the cusp of a second coin swap and update…. and now it’s worth more than ever, and still slowly climbing.

In closing, some htmlcoin holders might find themselves to be accidental millionaires before too long.

Please consider tipping in any of the following currencies!
16bpb3FBFbSvfsvXKabf7C4Zwwgwpkc4vn – Bitcoin
LTZUyjMGWDVMvJ8cNJ8DtVwMDoAejsBGie – Litecoin
Mm3rSgi34U5RMnrdusjWeK8UuWNmJu1ogq – Zeitcoin
HLuB6hTCwq6d5cpzksYcb2GigTdwZ6ThKn – Htmlcoin

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