What. The. Fuck. Apple?

Come on, guys? Really? A slightly bent iPad Pro – a device that easily costs $1000+ – is not a defect?

I will defend you guys almost any day, but I can’t defend this one. Something is clearly going awry in the company and, even if it isn’t Tim’s fault directly, he’s the one letting it happen.

Here’s what you need to do immediately.

  • Stop letting Jony have so much power. Yes. The guy is a great designer, but he’s letting design fuck around with thermal dynamics. My 2014 MacBook Pro is just fine. It’s light. It’s thin. It’s keyboard is normal. The newest, thinnest MBPs are unnecessarily thin, with a crappy keyboard and a useless Touch Bar. I’m so glad that my MBP is still going strong, but I’m not looking at MBPs to replace it. System76 has caught my eye….
  • The iPad (and iPhone) does not have to be so stupidly thin, it not only has more potential to bend, but the camera lens actually protrudes from the device. There is a too thin. You’ve passed that line.
  • Ok, guys. MacBook or MacBook Air? You couldn’t be more flip-floppy if you tried. Which one will remain? We don’t need both. As it stands, the MBA is what the MacBook should have been.
  • iPhone XS? XS Max? XR? Stop with this fucking dumb naming convention. XS reads as “ex es,” not “ten es.” Combining Roman numerals with regular letters is dumb.
  • The XR is positioned stupidly. It may sell, but the days of small, medium, large (low, middle, high prices) are clearly gone and I miss them. It kept the lines simple.

Stop being stupid. You have a loyal customer base and you’re willing to throw them away over stupid decisions? I miss Jobs. Not because he was a visionary, but he was good at saying “no” to stupid shit and keeping the product lines simple.

Oh, well. I don’t anticipate anyone from Apple ever actually reading this.

End rant.

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