Oh, the fun crypto world.

What’s been going on? Simple.

  • Htmlcoin has dropped in value, but keeps chugging along.
  • PCN died, sort of. Daps still exists and will be forging ahead. PXN has stepped in to rescue the now-abandoned PCN.
  • Lots of htmlcoin tokens have emerged.

Now that we’ve covered the nonsense, some red flags.

1) htmlbunker promises to allow htmlcoin and their own htmlcoin-tokens to trade with many currencies. Sounds good, but…

2) They want $1000 (USD) per token to become a “founding member.” Essentially, you just pay your fees up front.

3) Their latest announcement has to do with their lawyers. Having bought penny stocks in the past, celebrating smoke-and-mirrors is a typical move.

4) Their main website is still just a WordPress/wix site, and not even an amazing one.

I’m not saying htmlbunker is a scam. I am saying, if it turns out to be, it wouldn’t be very surprising.

I would say, “Buyer beware,” but so many people ignore that advice and take out mortgages for crypto anyway.

After all this, where do I stand? Same place. Still holding htmlcoin. Still holding PCN. Still waiting for my DAPS airdrop based on the snapshot of PCN I had went stuff went down. Still waiting on PXN’s swap to begin.

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