Making a Peep

Well, I haven’t changed my Htmlcoin position (in terms of amount held), but I have started investing in Peepcoin. This really cheap coin (sells for 1 sat, but not for much longer) will be swapping in the coming months for DAPS (

It’ll be a 1:1 swap, so whatever insane amount you amass now, you’ll still have.

The benefit of getting in now is that Peepcoin (PCN) has a staking rate of 100% annually. That’s not a typo or error. 100%. Obviously, the majority of us getting in now won’t ever got that 100%, but we can enjoy the fruits of high staking nonetheless. After the swap, it’ll be closer to 4-12%. Still nothing to sneeze at, but will be a lot less.

Now I hold enough Peep and html that becoming an Accidental Millionaire becomes a little more real.

I can’t promise that you’ll make a lot of money, but if you’re looking to jump into a coin at the ground floor, which has the ability to grow itself, hurry the fuck up!

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