What does Den, an admin in the htmlcoin Telegram group, think of you?

Essentially, now that people are questioning what’s going on with the core group of htmlcoin, admins like Den are referring to htmlcoin’s members as gamblers.

You’re not an investor. You’re a gambler. Now, to be fair, he isn’t wrong, but if you’re going to pretend to have a corporate structure (*cough* LLC *cough*) and a CEO, then you need to treat the people buying into it with some respect. Either that, or you’re a scam.

I don’t think htmlcoin is a scam. I do, however, think the concept of business and building a business is way beyond Amando’s grasp. Instead of asking for help or accepting help, he attempts to do it his way or the highway (some have chosen the highway; some have been kicked onto it).

With all the need to know info right now to quell the community’s fears, our only interaction is with a guy named Den (mostly) who is loud, obnoxious, and wants you to just accept things as they are. If you question it, it’s FUD. If you criticize Amando, you’re bashing him.

I want this coin to succeed but, unless Amando changes things, we’re stuck with shitty people like Den representing the community.

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