CryptoDrama Continues!

If you’ve always wanted to watch a soap opera but never knew which one to watch, simply go here.  The amount of nonsense with htmlcoin is amazing.  From supposedly-fired team members to yet more drops in value, it’s never ending fun.

Yet, despite these endless setbacks, I continue to buy.  Why?  Because you don’t bet against an immortal.  😛  That’s right, for all the crap it goes through, htmlcoin doesn’t die.  To be clear, I don’t want it to die.  I want it to thrive.  Sadly, it’s either being mismanaged or many team members are less than ethical with what they’re pulling.  Who knows?  I sure don’t.  What I do know is…. “htmlcoin was poisoned, shot, stabbed, hung, stretched, disemboweled, drawn and quartered…” and it’s still going.

You guys can run if you want, but I’m sticking around.  If it goes to 0, oh well.  If it goes to 50sats, I’ll send you pictures from my island.  😛

Donations accepted in the following currencies:

  • HWfbTZkypahXmZrnmtQ7UcG97JMfGnvV9P – htmlcoin (the current version, NOT the older html5)
  • 3CZJPQryqLJoc2qDdmG9ztsZr9fAjPqG3F – Bitcoin
  • MEa4mUoWximoQWk6pLj5kTf3h4LrNdwSgr – Litecoin
  • 0x56B437916aFdffD6115C4F32F857f0C13988485d – Ethereum (ETH only, not the older ETC).
  • Mm3rSgi34U5RMnrdusjWeK8UuWNmJu1ogq – Zeitcoin
  • – Referral.  Tip nothing at all.  Simply sign up and use one of the best Bitcoin faucets to date.  Doesn’t pay much but, if you get to 30000 satoshis (0.0003), they will pay you 4.08% APY if you keep your balance with them.  Highly trusted and around since 2013, at least.


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