For those that have been following along in the Telegram channel, supposedly, Kucoin wants 100BTC to list htmlcoin in their exchange.  For anyone doing the math, at $6676 per BTC (right this moment), that’s $667,600 to list a coin.

I can find no official word on the validity of this.  Not from Kucoin.  Not from the htmlcoin team.  I’m not saying some scammer didn’t attempt to scam some money, but nobody’s saying anything.  Also, if Kucoin does actually want $600k+ just to list a coin, they can go fuck themselves, their mothers, their fathers, etc.  Who the fuck asks for that?  That is the only reason I don’t believe it yet.

You know what happens in these cases?  I’ll tell you.  Remember in the bible (or The Ten Commandments movie) when the Hebrews finally broke away from Egypt and had to wait for Moses to get the 10 commandments?  What did they do?  They whined like little bitches, erecting a new god, because the tiniest sign of things not going the way they expected was enough to cause panic.  Of course, it didn’t help that some Egyptians with them kept putting the bug in their ear that they needed to create a new god and that Moses had led them astray.

Never thought I’d be making biblical/movie references to htmlcoin and the people in the community, but there you have it.

htmlcoin could part the seas, create a pillar of fire, and create some awesome stuff that takes forever, and the faithful would still cry and complain.

In closing, I’m not going anywhere.  All you fools who don’t realize how unstable the crypto world is, here’s my suggestion….

…Send me your coins!

  • HWfbTZkypahXmZrnmtQ7UcG97JMfGnvV9P – htmlcoin (the current version, NOT the older html5)
  • 3CZJPQryqLJoc2qDdmG9ztsZr9fAjPqG3F – Bitcoin
  • MEa4mUoWximoQWk6pLj5kTf3h4LrNdwSgr – Litecoin
  • 0x56B437916aFdffD6115C4F32F857f0C13988485d – Ethereum (ETH only, not the older ETC).
  • – Referral.  Tip nothing at all.  Simply sign up and use one of the best Bitcoin faucets to date.  Doesn’t pay much but, if you get to 30000 satoshis (0.0003), they will pay you 4.08% APY if you keep your balance with them.  Highly trusted and around since 2013, at least.
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