Imagine if you had managed to sell htmlcoin when it was 25-30 satoshi.  Let’s do the math a bit and see how much money you could have made.

1,000,000 htmlcoin at 25 satoshi (0.00000025BTC) = 0.25BTC
0.25 * $12000 (assumed BTC value) = $3000
0.25 * $16000 (assumed BTC value) = $4000

1,000,000 htmlcoin at 30 satoshi (0.0000003BTC) = 0.3BTC
0.3 * $12000 (assumed BTC value) = $3600
0.3 * $16000 (assumed BTC value) = $4800

1,000,000 htmlcoin at 8 satoshi (0.00000008BTC) = 0.08BTC
0.08 * $8000 (assumed BTC value) = $640
0.08 * $9000 (assumed BTC value) = $720

Today’s value is certainly sadder than just a couple months ago, but don’t discount things just yet. Right now, BTC is getting hammered by government regulations (to come) and ad banning on Google. To be fair a bit, anyone who didn’t think the government would ultimately get involved was living in a fantasy world. Once those weak hands sell of their Bitcoin, the rest of us can buy back in. The realists.

Anyway, I don’t yet have enough htmlcoin to be an Accidental Millionaire™, but I do have enough to be an Accidental Hundredaire™. 😛 May not sound amazing but, remember this. That’s hundreds of dollars that literally came from nowhere. Think about that. Perceived value of a coin that only truly exists within a network of computers.

  • HWfbTZkypahXmZrnmtQ7UcG97JMfGnvV9P – htmlcoin (the current version, NOT the older html5)
  • 3CZJPQryqLJoc2qDdmG9ztsZr9fAjPqG3F – Bitcoin
  • MEa4mUoWximoQWk6pLj5kTf3h4LrNdwSgr – Litecoin
  • 0x56B437916aFdffD6115C4F32F857f0C13988485d – Ethereum (ETH only, not the older ETC).
  • – Referral.  Tip nothing at all.  Simply sign up and use one of the best Bitcoin faucets to date.  Doesn’t pay much but, if you get to 30000 satoshis (0.0003), they will pay you 4.08% APY if you keep your balance with them.  Highly trusted and around since 2013, at least.


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