Another Android idiot talking out his ass because “what logic or evidence or proof or facts?”

This tool, named Ryan Whitwam, made a funny statement. A statement made by a typical “Android is better” phandroid.

“Why is how the time for mainstream Android to go 4:3? Why not two or three years ago? Frankly, it’s because Android won the war is over and the sides have signed an uneasy peace accord. Android gets the lion’s share of the mobile market and Apple gets to keep selling extremely high-margin devices to a comparatively small number of people….”

Ah, Ryan. See how stupid you look four years later?

  • Android does have the mobile phone market. True. Shitty, cheap phones everywhere.
  • iOS has the lion’s share of profits. I guess that’s why iOS gets the good apps first.
  • iOS tablet market has obliterated Android’s tablet market. The android tablet market is a joke. Welcome to 2018. Awww, I know. You had NFC first. You guys could hold each other’s Android devices to your genitals and pretend to transfer sperm or something. Yup. Apple was later with NFC and had bank-industry support and real-World use. But hey, you had tv-sized screens first. So, good on you.

It’s fun to read these articles years later to see how these smug phandroids couldn’t have been more wrong. I bet Ryan uses his “I know how to fix Android phones” as an opening line to try and get dates.

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