htmlcoin as of 2-27-2018

Well, htmlcoin has certainly been a roller coaster of emotions this past week.  From internal strife to a potentially new coin being spun from the POMA side… it has certainly caused a giant drop in value.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s revisit what we know about htmlcoin vs others.

  • htmlcoin is in its THIRD incarnation.
    • htmlcoin in 2014 was crap, having an obvious bug in terms of difficulty of mining (or lack of difficulty).  I miss the days of “instant” 50,000 htmlcoin.  😛
    • html5 in 2015 was a fix.  1:15 swap, which hurt many people’s “billionaire” status, but it was promoted heavily.  Lots of giveaways and rains to help people amass the coin.  Suffered a 51% attack.
    • htmlcoin (again) in late 2017.  Despite TWO reasons to fail, here it still is.  Got as high as 30-something satoshi before pulling back to 4…. and is now roughly at 10.  To compare, the previous incarnations never made it past 1 satoshi (that I could tell).
  • htmlcoin should have never made it past 2014.  Honestly.  I loved it for its ease-of-acquiring, but here it is.  Despite itself.  What that tells me is, the core team and the community really want this coin to succeed.  That kind of enthusiasm goes a long way.
  • htmlcoin has a roadmap.  More exchanges (not exciting to me) and business opportunities, using htmlcoin as currency.
  • POMA – Proof of Maaaaaaaaa…. I don’t know.  It means Proof of Mass Adoption but, as an umbrella term, I still don’t know what it REALLY means.  Based on info I’ve read, it suggests that an ecosystem for crypto is being created, including plugins for WordPress (WooCommerce) and other payment systems.  There’s even talk of a crypto-to-fiat conversion, which would be awesome, honestly.
  • POMA was going to be exclusively htmlcoin (or so we thought), but some “shit went down” and now they’re acting as separate entities that we, as the community, hope complement each other.  Some talk about a “pomacoin” (whatever they might name it), but it sounds more like they want to work with many coins, not just htmlcoin.  Makes sense in the long run, truthfully.
  • There are other coins with no sense of purpose and nothing public that have managed to squeeze more value than htmlcoin.  More value for doing nothing.  That tells me, if htmlcoin can complete even some of their projects, we stand to make a nice amount of money.

As someone in the htmlcoin community, I hope htmlcoin and POMA work out whatever bullshit happened.  I know we talk about “the CEO” and the “employees” but, come on, we’re talking about volunteers working on a cryptocurrency and the ecosystem surrounding it.  I’m thankful for it.  I really am.  Let’s just stop with the grandiose titles.  I don’t care which one of you is “The Grand Puba.”  Just work out your differences for ALL OF US! 

Accidental Millionaires™ Unite!  😀

HYaM5sb1oxXPL8xNV2Ss335x7LBb34wcDp – htmlcoin accepted here!

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  1. topdog says:

    NIce article.Thanks

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