Apple – Get it together, will ya?

Apple, as one of your loudest and most obnoxious fanboys, I expect greatness from you.  No, I demand it.   I demand greatness from your products and security to be taken seriously the entire time.  Up until now, I could rest pretty easily knowing that what you’ll release will be as awesome as yesteryear, but now I am feeling a tad uneasy about it all.  It’s clear that you’re spreading yourself too thin, despite being a huge company with the most amount of money (hahahahahahahahahaha, Microsoft :P).

Let’s cover all the things that bug me greatly as a diehard Apple fan.

  • iOS 11 – I get that .0 updates are messy, but this one was really bad.
  • 10.13.1 – C’mon.  A root bug?  Really?   How many invalids are you hiring and/or how many talented people are you firing or driving out?  Seriously, stop focusing on diversity or whatever nonsense you’re doing and hire the best person to handle the work.  I don’t care what their ethnic background is or what their sexual preferences are.  As long as they can’t stop the bleeding of the lack of QC, I’m good.
  • The Mac Pro – This isn’t even my market, but you neglected this forever.  Whatever you replace it better be nothing short of spectacular and USABLE, lest you lose that market for good.  Don’t count on the iOS crowd keeping you afloat.  They’ll jump to the “coolest” new gadget, gimmick, whereas the Mac faithful will attempt to stick it out with you and buy the good, expensive stuff.  Don’t be stupid.
  • The Mac mini – Again, not my market, but come on.  Update this already and make it fairly easy to upgrade internals.  If you’re going to put in old tech (CPU) or low RAM, or a small SSD, give the users the option to upgrade them (the RAM and SSD, at the very least).  Remember when you made this shit easy to do?
  • iMacs – Awesome machines, but I remember the days where you made it stupidly simple to open a compartment and upgrade stuff, like RAM.  Why can’t you design in suck a way that a panel on the back open right to RAM and SSD?  I’m sure there are reasons, like heat dissipation, but you guys manage to pull of miracles all the time.
  • MacBook Pro –
    • Where do I begin?  In 2013, I bought a machine with 16GB RAM.  If I wanted to buy a 2017 (and presumably 2018) machine, I’d still only get 16GB RAM.  Now, that wouldn’t be a problem if I could upgrade it later myself, but $2500+ for a machine in 2017 where I cannot upgrade it later is a shitty place to be.
    • The touch bar seems cool, but is it useful?  As a sometimes-user of the terminal, a physical Escape key is still very much welcome.  That aside, the touch bar has essentially earned itself as the “easy emoji picker,” and you can blame yourselves for that, with that first promo video.  I’m not saying I have the answer for it, but I hope it evolves into something better or even has some better placement.  The demos where people use the trackpad and touchbar together look uncomfortable at best, in terms of placement.
    • Keyboard.  Ugh.  It’s ok, but I hate the lack of travel and, even more, how loud those keys are.  I can’t type fairly quietly on my 2013 MBP, but the latest models are loud in a quiet office.  No good.  Lastly, I keep hearing of keys and keyboards breaking.  Remember when MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, PowerBooks, and iBooks all had seemingly-unbreakable keyboards?  I do.
    • Trackpad.  I kinda like the force touch thing, but is that going to hurt my fingers/joints?  I mean, I’m pushing something that doesn’t truly push.  Have we looked into the long-term effects of such things?  More curious than anything else.

I’m sure I’ll add more as I think of them, but it seems like Apple can’t get it together these days.  You’re a big fucking company.   Hire the resources you need (and you clearly need them).

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