Waterdog Computer Works – Misleading Mac users to make a buck.

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Macs DO get infected with viruses and malware.  This has always been the case.

There.  I just quoted Waterdog Computer Works from their Facebook ad (illustrated above).

Waterdog Computer Works – a PA-based computer firm is trying to convince Mac users that they do get viruses. First off, any computer firm that doesn’t differentiate between viruses and malware is already borderline scammy.  That’s like saying “being sick” and “having HIV” are the same thing.  They are clearly not, and the same goes for viruses and malware.

Malware is any kind of bad piece of software, ranging from things like adware, spyware, and browser hijackers to viruses, worms, and ransomware.

It is important to make this distinction because Macs DO suffer from the former three items and, while there have been some ransomware scares, I’ve yet to see them come to fruition.  If you don’t understand the Mac’s mechanisms for adding programs (installing like you do on Windows is actually NOT the norm), it’s quite possible to infect yourself.  It’s quite like picking up a needle on the street and jabbing yourself with it.

Browser hijackers can be anything from a Trojan to a bad extension.  Trojans, if you were unsure, are either programs that got installed along with something else or simply lied about what it was to begin with.  On Mac, you need to give your admin password to do these kinds of installs, so you did it to yourself.  Again, as I said before, this is NOT the normal way to do installs, so don’t fret.  That said, we won’t cover the methods of adding programs today.

Finally, the point I want to get to.  There are no viruses and worms on a Mac.  When I say viruses and worms, I mean programs that self-install and self-propagate.  In fact, ask Waterdog Computer Works to PROVE such a piece of malware exists and I’ll gladly retract this article and apologize.  They can’t or they won’t.  Why?  As I said… they don’t exist.  Mac OS 9, with a shitty 2-3% market share and a NON-public Mac API Kit had true viruses.  macOS (née Mac OS X), since 3-24-2001, has had (near) zero.  We’ll say “near” but I don’t think there’s been even one.

I’m willing to bet WCW will either ignore you, block you, or post to some “proof” from 1999, because that’s what scaremongers/ liars do.  They avoid answering the question.  They may be good at what they do outside of the Mac community but, let’s face it, Mac is not Windows anymore than Wayne (WCW’s location) is North Philly.

*ACHOO* – Did you just sneeze?  Don’t worry.  WCW will be glad to sell you HIV meds to take care of that…




Update:  http://archive.is/idFN2

You’ll see that WCW links to Toms Guide as “proof” of Mac viruses, but once again, 2017 has not been the “banner year for Mac Malware,” despite Amit Serper’s assertion (Who the fuck is Amit again?)

All I see is an article referencing PUPs and quoting Malwarebytes, but Malwarebytes NEEDS Mac users to not understand viruses vs malware so they can scare them into paying for a premium service they don’t need.  In turn, WCW needs ignorant Mac users to pay them to install a premium version of Malwarebytes… paying for both a product they don’t need and a scammy company to do it for them.

To be fair, the free Malwarebytes product is good to have, in case you do install a Trojan (read: PUP), but these installations are user-error and can be avoided with proper understanding.

As usual, the scaremongers are out in full force, using deceptive language, and all jerking each other off to make a buck.


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