Internet Troll or IT Imbecile

Ritika Tiwari is my latest target of “taking to task.” We will look at her latest article – 15 reasons MacBooks are overrated – and not only pick it apart, but show you why this girl is no longer working in IT and pretending to write about it. Ready?

15) Ridiculously Overpriced – while I admit that this round of MBPs does carry a higher-than-usual price tag for Macs, MacBooks are rarely overpriced for what they bring to the table. Yes, you can get some cheap Windows PCs, but those cheap PCs come with Celerons, Pentiums, i3s, and AMDs. Most of those selections are pure garbage.

14) You cannot customize it – Partially true. There are a lot less customization options, but it keeps the choice simple. This has always been the case.

13) Directly copied from Linux – Now we have reached Ritika’s first 1337 retard moment. Best to just read this and this. Not only was OS X not just some “copied Linux,” but as of 10.5, was a certified and true UNIX box. OS X was fully Unix. Linux is still Linux. Fun to see pretend “l337” techs who had to “quit” the tech world to become a freelance writer. I suspect it’s more because she’s an idiot.

12) There is no right click – This wasn’t true BEFORE OS X, and is even less so now. Ways to right-click include: Right-click on a mouse, Control-click, two-finger click on a trackpad, and even setting the right-side of the track pad to be a right-click. So, Ritika once again displays her ability to super-size fries better than knowing actual tech information. Not all the same options from Windows exist in the contextual menus, but right-clicking is as present as ever. Ritika, you’re just an idiot.

11) Macintosh Finder could learn a thing or two from explorer – This idiot is claiming you can’t resize windows by any corner or edge. macOS has been doing that for many versions now. That excuse is long over, dummy. She also said maximize is not available. You DO KNOW we’re up to 10.12, don’t you? Full screen has been available for a few versions now. You’re really stupid and/or woefully behind for someone claiming to be on top of tech. By the way, dummy, Windows still can’t rename a file or move it while it’s open, and Mac has been able to do that for decades. Didn’t you JUST get copy and paste in the command window for Windows 10?

10) You cannot choose between the hardware and the software – Sure you can. If I want macOS, I get a Mac. Oh, but guess what? I can also run Linux and Windows on it. Looks like I get lots of choices on a Mac.

9) Getting a MacBook repaired is a pain itself – Not really. You might not be able to do it yourself these days, but Apple Stores and authorized repair centers are everywhere. Perhaps you didn’t know this, dummy, but people with Windows laptops are also taking theirs to repair centers. They aren’t doing it themselves, either.

8) MacBooks are a marketing gimmick – No, they’re ahead of the curve. Sleek. Thin. Some are fanless. Using new tech. Current ports. Anyone who has used HP for the better part of 2 decades knows the quality (or lack thereof) of HP devices.

7) No SD card slot – True. Not anymore. I’ve used the card slot maybe 5 times in 7 years, across two MacBook Pros. Not exactly being used by everybody.

6) No cheap OEM versions available like Windows – Hey, stupid. You’re really letting your ignorance shine. macOS has been free for YEARS now. Free. That’s $0, like how much you get paid to still work in IT.

5) Macs are not immune to viruses – yes they are, stupid. So far, all malware is still in the form of trojans. You can’t get my Mac to self-infect and self-propogate, thus you need me to stupidly install something. While that is malware, that’s not a virus. Conversely, Windows can still get infected simply by visiting the internet.

4) You have to dig really deep for freeware – Boy, you really are an IT reject. There’s so much free stuff on Mac, both from Apple, as well as third party and open source stuff found on all platforms. I realize that I’m feeding the troll by responding, but at least everyone can know, when they Google the name “Ritika Tiwari,” they’ll find this blog and what a fuck-nut you are. Your article is also archived so you can’t claim to not have ever written it.

3) Most users have MacBooks to run non-Apple software – Another dumb statement from everyone’s favorite fry girl. While we *can* run non-Apple software, we run mostly Mac software. You really are a troll. Or stupid. Or both. I’d like my fries supersized, Ritika. Can you at least get that right?

2) Delete key doesn’t delete files – true. Wow. Throw enough shit against the wall, something’s gotta stick. Oh, but I can right-click and delete it. Dummy.

1) MacBook isn’t built for gamers – true. Hardcore, high end games are written for Windows. Buying a MacBook for high end gaming means you did “Ritika” research before buying.

Ritika, I’ll be keeping an eye on your stuff. I’m curious just how dumb you actually are.

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