University Herald – Tech Morons

MacBook Pro 2017 To Go Beyond Faster Chips And More Storage; Apple To Redefine Pro Brand (and just in case Lucy edits her post to claim she never made these stupid statements).

Want to see an article that is either computer-generated or written by a tech moron? Look no further than an idiot named Lucy McClaren.

Hey, but let’s not make blanket “she’s a moron” statements. Let’s get into it. Ready?

Moreover, the newest Pro laptop will also have a beefier storage far from its measly 16GB of RAM.

Moron statement: She compares storage to RAM, thus showing she doesn’t know what the fuck she is talking about.

The Cupertino giant is no longer using an ARM processor, which was also speculated to address battery draining issues on the laptop.

Moron statement: Macs NEVER had ARM processors in them. To be fair, the Touch Bar version does have an ARM processor but, since Apple has been steadily working on the battery issue without making ARM processors disappear magically, Lucy is just talking out her ass.

Moreover, the Touch Bar will also get more support and not just relegated to a gimmicky move by Apple as it was once thought of during its introduction.

Moron statement: Didn’t Lucy “The Fucktard” McClaren JUST SAY that ARM processors are no longer used? Well, dummy, the ARM processor is used for the Touch Bar, which is running a variant of iOS.

However, Apple needs to do more than just optimizing speed, memory, and storage for the MacBook Pro 2017 lineup to live up to its name. In the past, high-end devices always have its distinguishing mark that separates it from devices deemed just “good enough” like the GPS feature when it was first introduced.

Moron statement: GPS? The Macs have GPS? If not, why even reference it as it being a distinguishing feature for Macs? Or, if you’re referencing iPhones getting GPS… oh, wait. They always had it. Are you referring the the Apple Watch, S2, which just got standalone GPS? What the fuck does this have to do with Macs, Lucy McTarded?

However, consumers deserve to have more than just the fastest chips and better storage on the new MacBook Pro 2017 particularly with the current pricing on the laptop.

Moron statement: Lucy. Lucy. Lucy. There you go mentioning storage again. Not one complaint has ever been about storage. Storage is NOT RAM. Stop discussing tech. You sound like a complete idiot.

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