Nintendo – Run by idiots.

Wooooo! Super Mario Run!! Remember this announcement? I was sold without even knowing the price. Having an official Super Mario game was pretty much a no-brainer for me.

Some weeks back, I remember the date and price finally being revealed – $9.99 on 12-15-2016.

This was a definite purchase for me. Sure, the game mechanics would have taken a bit to learn, but I trust Nintendo to make good games.

Here we are – 12-9-2016 – and I have learned some disturbing news about the game that now kills any chance of me buying it. Super Mario Run requires an internet connection at all times to play. No internet connect… no play. What does this mean?

  • No playing the game on an iPad (without cellular) in the car.
  • No playing the game on an iPhone on the subway, potentially.
  • Super Mario Run will be kind enough to use your data plan for you when you’re not in wifi range.

That news comes from an interview with Nintendo creative director Shigeru Miyamoto conducted by Mashable’s Adam Rosenberg. “For us, we view our software as being a very important asset for us,” Miyamoto told Mashable. “And also for consumers who are purchasing the game, we want to make sure that we’re able to offer it to them in a way that the software is secure, and that they’re able to play it in a stable environment.”

Business Insider

Anyone who thinks that this is a way to offer us secure software on iOS either doesn’t understand iOS (very likely the issue) or wants to pretend they’re doing us a favor (also very likely).

Nintendo, you’re obviously run by idiots who don’t understand mobile, and this revolution started 10 years ago with the original iPhone. When you get your heads out of your asses and decide to make the game work offline, I’ll buy. Until then, it remains clear why you’re the also-ran behind XBox and Playstation.

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