Judging a book by its cover… again.

What’s Really Missing From the New iPhone: Cutting-Edge Design

So, it seems that Farhad Manjoo has proven he’s a guy who judges a book by its cover. Even more so, he proves he’s a “tech guy” impressed by looks rather than technology, immediately discrediting him as a subject matter expert who deserves to write about it. Let’s dissect his nonsense.

Apple has squandered its once-commanding lead in hardware and software design. Though the new iPhones include several new features, including water resistance and upgraded cameras, they look pretty much the same as the old ones. The new Apple Watch does too. And as competitors have borrowed and even begun to surpass Apple’s best designs, what was iconic about the company’s phones, computers, tablets and other products has come to seem generic.

Right off the bat, Farhad is disappointed because Apple didn’t make a phone that looks like a sphere or pyramid. How many changes do you want, Farhad? They look similar to the iPhone 6s but, come on, the hardware itself has been upgraded substantially. You’re the kind of fool who would be happy it the iPhone 7 retained an A9 chip and, instead, had icons that looked like it was out of a circus. Because, to you, a visual change like circus icons, is a real change. Something you can show to your friends.

I will defer to John Gruber’s article, since he responds in a much less inflammatory tone than I typically do *and* he has covered pretty much all angles.

I will end with this, though. You know how, from Windows XP to Windows Vista to Windows 7 to Windows 8 to Windows 10, you saw drastic changes to the APPEARANCE of Windows? That’s to soothe fools like Farhad who need to SEE change in order to believe it. And let’s face it, Microsoft ensured people saw changed by:

  • Counting to 10 by starting at 7 and skipping 9.
  • Every version of Windows looks drastically different.
  • Removed features, like a start menu and windowed-windows, the latter being a staple of a windows-based GUI
  • NEW FEATURES!!!!111 A start menu and windowed windows.

Farhad is like so many other anti-Apple people. New CPU/GPU advancements be damned – make the phone explode like Samsung or it’s not innovative.

Good job, New York Times. I will forever see you as hiring retards for tech writers.

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