“The new MacBook Pros won’t be released at the iPhone 7 event…”

While I don’t remember if Macs have ever been released at an iPhone hardware event, I’d like to say, that all of these so-called ANALcysts who are calling it bad news that we won’t see a MBP release are retards. Whew. That was a long fucking sentence.

It’s an iPhone event. An iPhone 7 event. Do you want Apple to steal the iPhone 7’s thunder or do you want Apple to steal from the potentially new MBP design’s thunder?

If you believed these would both happen on the same day, you’re a fucking idiot-retard and don’t deserve a paycheck in the blogging, ANALcyst world.

That’s my new word for all you people with these jobs that come across as retarded. ANALcysts.

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