Nintendo Still Struggling to Figure out What People Want

Miitomo Isn’t Doing Well, Nintendo Still Struggling to Figure out What People Want

Dear Nintendo,

Stop being so stupid! Stop. I grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It had so many great games, with new games always pushing the system to the limits (think SMB3 vs SMB1, for example). It also had really cool games with things like an 8-Bit Hitler face exploding (thank you, CapCom).

In 1992(?), I graduated to the SNES. The system was even more impressive. Great music. Great graphics. Great 3D effects (for a 16-Bit system, anyway). I started to load up my new library of games for the system.

Then, Nintendo became stupid. They decided to play babysitter to an entire generation that grew up with them. I wanted to play Mortal Kombat the way it was meant to be played (lots of blood and gore), but Nintendo still saw its main user base as a “romper room” of players. It decided “blood is bad” so, when people get hit, “sweat” flies off them. There’s a good lesson, Nintendo. Show kids that it’s ok to punch the shit out of someone because they’ll only sweat to death. Yes. This is the same company that let Hitler’s face explode once upon a time. What happened?

Not much longer after this did the new generation of consoles pop-up. PlayStation decided to not only not censor games, but went the CD route, while Nintendo insisted on cartridge based games. Because of that, the games couldn’t be quite as complex, nor could it do video. Not saying games were bad (Zelda 64, Mario 64, among two of the greatest on the N64), but they were limited to what a cartridge could do at that point. All this is the long way of saying – the kids who grew up playing NES and SNES were now adults, making money, and wanted harder-edged games. Leave the babysitting to the parents. That drove many from Nintendo to Sony (and Sega, to a lesser extent).

I’m not going to get into the history of the console wars, but Sega is a great example of knowing when to finally throw in the towel. They didn’t stop making their great games. They just stopped with their own consoles. This is the hint, Nintendo. TAKE IT!

As a grown man who makes money and supports a family, I no longer wish to own a Nintendo system. Even the name (Wii U – pronounced “Weeeeeee you”) makes me not want it. I am in the Apple ecosystem, which means I don’t mind paying for software. Make your Nintendo titles – classic and new ones – available for the iPad and Apple TV (especially the latter) and I’ll fucking buy them. I already have controllers for it. I think Super Mario Maker is one of the best games I’ve come across in a long time but, guess what, I’m not dropping $300+ for the system and one game. Make the game for the Apple TV and I’ll buy it. Make it also work with the iPad similarly to how the handheld part of the Wii U works and you’ll make money off of me (and a shit ton of other people).

Nintendo, the only reason you don’t know what people want is because you’re either not listening or stuffing cotton in your ears on purpose. You want my money? Sell me the games I want. Put them on the console I want. Or, keep asking “What do people want…. durrrrrrr?”


A kid who grew up with Nintendo, became an adult, and won’t waste money on dying concepts.

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