Meghann Foye – an idiot trying to make a name for herself. 

What happens when feminism takes an even more retarded turn?  You get someone like Meghann Foye. 

Let’s be clear here. Feminism, in theory, simply wants women to have the same equal rights and opportunities as men. Nothing wrong with that mentality, but it gets distorted. 

Many young girls believe that feminism doesn’t just mean equality, but getting back at the “patriarchy.” They believe it’s their turn to do what men have always done (which is funny because women have always done it anyway; they just didn’t brag about it). 

Still, being vocal about wanting your turn to do what your “oppressors have always done” isn’t a precedent set anywhere else. Blacks don’t lynch whites or burn crosses on white people’s lawns.  Jews didn’t build gas chambers to burn up a few Germans. Yet many women believe they should have “their turn.”

If that nonsense isn’t enough to show you the folly of most feminist, well, enter Meghann Foye. This woman, who we can surmise is a feminist, thinks she deserves the same rights as pregnant women. If you read what she said on many sites, she’s only advocating for *women* to have these rights (feminazi clue number 1). 

So, here’s my solution for Meghann Foye and the many idiots like her. You want maternity-type leave?  You at least should go to the hospital, have an unnecessary c-section, recover, and have people randomly come over and leave shit in a diaper for you. Because let’s face it, despite the amount of shit you talk, it still doesn’t measure up to the amount you’d be cleaning as a new mother. 

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