When a no name blogger tries to make a name…


Where to begin with this atrocity of reporting… How about the photo at the top of the page? An article about MacBook Pros sports a pic of a MacBook Air. Fail #1.

Apple may announce new MacBooks during WWDC 2016. (Photo : YouTube/HandyAndy Tech Tips)

Apple won’t announce new MacBooks during WWDC because they just announced them a week ago. Yes, the name matters. MacBook. MacBook Air. MacBook Pro. THREE DIFFERENT TYPES. Fail #2.

As for the other rumored MacBook Pro feature upgrades, reports said that there will be at least two connectivity ports unlike the sole provision seen in the new 12-inch MacBook 2016. But it remains unclear if the refreshed Pro will feature USB Type-C or USB 3.0.

Pretty sure every MacBook Pro ever has had at least 2 connectivity ports, so this statement is pointless. It’s like suggesting a MacBook Pro will have a screen. How about reporting something of substance? Fail #3.

The same Macworld report also echoed the likelihood of a MacBook Pro with touchscreen display that is detachable at the same time – obviously a design approach that intends to challenge Microsoft’s Surface Book.

The MacBooks (of all types) are not getting a detachable screen, nor touch screen. Apple already thinks Microsoft’s approach is wrong and Surface’s poor sales seem to reflect it. And where is this MacWorld report you quote? Where’s the link? Fail #4.

Lots of weird speculation in this article mixed with “I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.”

When trying to make a name for yourself, not only put “Apple!!!!!1” in the headline, but know what the fuck you’re talking about or someone will take you to task! 😛

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