Let’s pretend Microsoft is better than Apple


Ok, so the article is actually called “12 things Microsoft does better than Apple.”

Let’s see if Matt Weinberger says anything with merit or if he’s just trying to save his job by mentioning the word “Apple” and being a hit-whore.

  1. As you may guess from its name, Windows handles application windows better than Apple OS X. In Windows 10, just drag an open window to the top of the screen to full-screen it, or to the side to make it fill half the screen. It’s handy for multitasking.

    – Windows does not handle windows better than Mac. Mac has been doing it 10 years longer and 10 years better in almost every way. In fact, what little Matty here doesn’t realize is that Windows, especially in its early days, couldn’t do multiple windows for a single app. Instead, there needed to be one giant parent window, and that parent window could then have multiple children windows move around in it. Today, Windows FAKES multiple Windows per app by typically running multiple instances of the same app. Now, that little rant aside of Matt’s lack of Windows knowledge, he IS right about the split screen. Split screen is simply done better on Microsoft’s side. Drag and snap. When you’re done, drag and unsnap. OS X (as of El Capitan) can also do split screen but, unfortunately, Apple took a page from Microsoft’s usual playbook and it’s a bit wonkier to do than Microsoft’s (who seemingly stole from Apple’s usual playbook). Pressing and holding the green button on a window will let you do split-window mode.https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204948

  2. Unlike Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana learns a noticeable amount from your preferences. Even better, Cortana is available from the Windows 10 task bar or on iPhone and Android. Siri is stuck on the iPhone and iPad, without Mac OS X integration.

    – This may or may not be true. I use Siri sparingly on my phone, so it’s not like I depend on it much. Maybe Cortana is better, but I haven’t found myself using it on Windows 10 yet, so it can’t be that amazing. Siri is coming to Mac, supposedly, but who gives a crap. Score for Microsoft for having it, but not sure it makes anything better.

  3. Apple’s OS X hasn’t changed much over the last several years. But from Windows 7 to 8 to 10, Microsoft has removed, re-added, and gussied up its Start menu. Now you can find files and apps faster and get key information without opening up the app.

    – So, you’re telling me, Windows users only acknowledge something is different or new or fancy if you change the outward appearance? Not surprising. One of Windows users’ main problems with Macs is that they cannot theme the OS to look like a clown car. So, it’s not surprising to me that Windows users don’t understand under-the-hood changes as real change and, if Microsoft doesn’t change to a new “Fisher Price” theme with each Windows iteration, the users are in pure disbelief. Another thing that Matt demonstrates here and something I’ve accused Windows users of is the following.

    • In Windows 8, the Metro/Modern apps were full screen. There were no windowed apps (I thought Windows handled windows better, Matt).
    • In Windows 8, the Start menu was removed and replaced with some Start screen with tiles. More crap.
    • In Windows 10, the claim to fame was: windowed-windows (you know, what windows are supposed to do) and the return of the Start menu. So, for Windows users, change means SEEING it. We don’t have to change anything under the hood. Make it disappear for an iteration. Bring it back. And the WOW starts because Windows users are fucking stupid.

    Oh, and the “key information you can get without opening up the app” pales in comparison to Quick Look, which still hands Microsoft its ass. Sorry, Matt. You show your need for a new book cover without ever reading the first page to see if the book has changed or improved.

  4. Windows has always been a better place for gaming than the Mac. With Windows 10, Microsoft doubled up on that with a new Xbox app that literally lets you stream games from the Xbox One console to your Windows 10 laptop, tablet, or PC.

    – Legitimate. Mac definitely has more games than it used to, but is still behind Windows in the amount of titles.

  5. Microsoft is better at cloud services than Apple. With apps like OneNote and OneDrive, you can have your files and notes anywhere at any time — not just on Apple devices.

    – Microsoft may have more apps across platforms that use the cloud, but that doesn’t make them better at cloud. It just means they have more apps that use the cloud, which is separate from Windows itself. In fact, many iCloud things can be accessed and edited on any platform by using the icloud.com. Well, to be precise, the (formerly known as) iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) can be edited from anywhere. I’m sure Apple could make Pages for Windows and then it would “make OS X better than Windows” in Matt’s eyes because of an Apple app working on Windows. Logic lost here.

  6. Microsoft’s hardware business has been pretty great at rethinking what a computer is and who it’s for. The Microsoft Surface Book, a combination tablet and laptop, for example, has enough horsepower to play most marquee games.

    – I have yet to hear any actual users of the Surface praise it. Look! It’s a book. Now it’s a tablet. Now it’s a laptop. Now it’s a door stop. Oh, but it still needs anti-virus. Still corrupts itself. Still loads temporary profiles. Still has a really shitty track pad. If that’s Microsoft’s idea of high quality, then they’ve been high quality for decades.

  7. In fact, Apple more or less copied the Surface Pro 4 tablet with its own iPad Pro. But where the iPad Pro runs a version of Apple iOS, meaning you get only a limited selection of apps, the Surface Pro 4 is all Windows all the time.

    – It’s unlikely that the iPad Pro was an after-thought rushed to market to face the stiff (Hahahahaha! maybe with Viagra) competition from the Surface. The iPad Pro was meant to simply be bigger, faster, and responsive to a 3D touch Pencil. I’m not sure I agree with the iPad Pro, but I’d take that over a Windows anything device any day.

  8. And while Microsoft has all but lost the smartphone market to Apple and Google, don’t discount some of the stuff that Windows 10 Mobile has that the iPhone doesn’t. First, it has a slick look, with big easy-to-push buttons …

    – My grandmom’s old apartment phone had big, easy-to-push buttons also. Didn’t make the phone slick or better than anything on the market. Oh, and notice Matty’s default appreciation for anything Windows. Well, it LOOKS different. Remember, Windows users only acknowledge an OS has some sort of change if it’s visual. Take it away. Bring it back. Make buttons bigger. WOW!!!11 LOOOK HOw DIFFErent IT IS NOW!!11111

  9. .. plus some nifty, if still a gimmicky, features like Windows Continuum, which lets you use your Windows 10 Mobile phone as something like a full PC. With limited app support, but still.

    – Now you’re just reaching, Matty. Samsung Galaxy Phones let you wave your finger in front of the camera to scroll like you’re a Harry Potter wizard, but there’s nothing good about it. Little Matty is proving he likes spec-sheets. Wow. Let me know how that “full PC functionality on a phone” works out for you. Just because it CAN do it doesn’t mean it SHOULD or it any good. Scoring a point for this just makes you look like an idiot.

  10. The Microsoft of the last few years has also been better at experimentation. That includes coming out with lots of experimental apps for Android and iPhone, including the recent Hub Keyboard, which cuts down on the time you have to switch between apps.

    – Experimentation doesn’t equal better. No denying that Microsoft is better under this new CEO than the monkey known as Ballmer, but nothing it has released for Android or Apple makes it inherently better than Apple. This is pure opinion on your part, not fact.

  11. That experimentation also applies to advanced scientific research. Microsoft Research contributes findings to everything from speech recognition to artificial intelligence. Plus, it results in cool futuristic technologies like the HoloLens holographic goggles.

    – Just because Microsoft touts its experimentations publicly doesn’t make it better than Apple. After all, remember all the Glassholes that were excited about Google Glass? Where is that now? Just because experiments are public doesn’t mean it’s better. Again, more opinion on your part. No actual fact here that makes Microsoft better.

  12. In general, Microsoft has been good at playing with others recently. Under CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has made more of its apps available on more platforms, while simultaneously striking deals with one-time competitors like Red Hat.

    – Microsoft has always played well with others… until it pulled the rug out from those other players. Time will tell if they do that now. Microsoft making something for Red Hat doesn’t make it better than Apple. Again, this is just Matty Opinion, not fact or evidence.

In the end, Matt really only offers a lot of opinions and nonsense, either purposely leaving out info or simply doesn’t know enough to actually write this article in the first place.

Beating a dead horse because I can:

  • Windows still blue screens, despite Windows fans saying it no longer does.
  • Windows still gets drive-by web infections, despite claims of “built-in antivirus,” which is nothing more than Windows Defender included.
  • Windows still corrupts itself, causing temporary profiles as well as other registry anomalies.
  • Windows boxes still have the worst track pads on the market.
  • Windows boxes still come with shitty Pentium, Celeron, and Core i3 chips, which all perform like a snail but, hey, it’s $199.

Expect shit from Windows. Doesn’t matter if you mold that shit to look like a work of art. It will still stink up your house and draw flies.

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