All sick Windows guys have AIDS.  

Since so many Windows guys love playing “IT advocate” and suggesting that Macs do have viruses, even if the number is small, I’ve decided to do an analogy and apply to My Windows buddies. 

For instance, most Windows guys scoff when you explain that, while Macs do have malware (Trojans), they don’t have viruses (auto-installs). They love to pretend there’s “really no difference anymore.”

So, since Windows guys love trying to make the Mac seem worse than it is by classifying malware as a virus and vice versa, every time a Windows guy says he’s sick, I can tell everyone that he means he has AIDS. 

“What?!” exclaims the Windows doofus?

Well, if malware can mean virus and virus can mean malware (you know, when applying your “vast knowledge of computers”), then that same logic can be applied to your health. 

AIDS means sick and sick means AIDS. Next time you tell me you’re “under the weather,” I will apply your computer logic and let everyone know the AIDS has got you good. 

In closing, all sick Windows guys have AIDS. 

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