Don’t be Bruno

I know I beat this dead horse regularly, but I like beating dead horses, especially since dead horses keep talking shit.  Yup.  Dead horses apparently still keep talking.  😛


Our buddy Bruno here is warning you of the “fallacy” that there are no viruses for Mac. Of course, he’s one of those guys who doesn’t differentiate between virus and malware. He also suggests that a virus is the “tip of the iceberg,” suggesting he doesn’t understand the metaphor, as he starts listing less severe things beyond the tip of the iceberg (like “malware” and “spamware” – one being a generic term and one being a term he made up).

Let’s clear this up with health analogies.

Sickness or illness == malware – generic terms. Do you have the cold or meningitis or HIV or cancer? If I say I’m sick, do you tell everyone I have AIDS? No, then you cannot use the term virus (AIDS) when you simply mean malware (I feel shitty today).
To summarize:
“I have cancer.” – Not only can you say I have cancer, but you can say I’m sick.
“I am sick.” – You can say I’m sick, but cannot say I have cancer, because you cannot determine type of sickness from the word sick.
Now, stop being stupid.

You should have antivirus because one day Macs will have viruses!
First off, Windows clowns have been spewing this nonsense since Mac OS X 10.1, which was released in March 2001. Well, it’s now 2016 and a couple months from March. Still no VIRUSES so, Windows guys, stop sending in your clowns. Apparently, Windows guys are Barbara Streisand fans (or Judy Collins fans), because they keep sending in the clowns… 😛

Using the health analogy, everybody from the time they are born should be blasting themselves with chemo. Despite wreaking havoc on your body’s resources, you know, “What if??!!!

The sad reality is, people are more likely to get cancer than Macs are to get viruses, and yet bombarding yourself with chemo before ever having cancer would make you an idiot.

In closing, don’t be Bruno, who not only doesn’t understand the difference between viruses and the generic term malware, also doesn’t understand which part of the iceberg is dangerous. Oh yeah, if he’s the captain of your boat, jump and swim. It’ll be safer! 😛

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