Should I get a Mac?

Should I get a Mac?

Asking a PC guy if you should get a Mac is like asking McDonald’s if you should get a Whopper at BK.

Let’s just first address what people don’t get. Most PC guys are Windows guys. Most Windows guys are…. Windows guys. In other words, they believe so vehemently that Windows is the epitome of computing, they don’t try to know another OS and believe in their heart of hearts that other operating systems suffer the same nonsense as Windows and, if they don’t, it’s because of lack of market share. And they have to believe this. After all, they wasted their time and money on a shitty OS and probably shitty certificates, like MCSEs, where they wasted thousands of dollars to be the “white knights” of computers.

Let’s attack “PC Guy’s” stupidity right off the bat. One topic he covered, as most PC guys cover, is:

They Don’t Get Viruses

Again, that’s just not true. While there are, without question, fewer infections that can affect a Mac, the infections are out there and their numbers will continue to grow as Mac gains popularity.

Oh, PC Guy. If you’re going to pretend to be an expert, then pretend a little harder. You obviously don’t know the difference between malware and viruses. Let me help you with it. Malware is a broad term to describe any evil piece of software, whether it’s a virus or simply unethical (like MacKeeper, for instance). A virus, on the other hand, is a self-installing, self-propagating piece of software that requires no human intervention to run or spread. Your inability to know the difference relegates you to “guy who handles the fries” instead of “PC guy.”

As someone who has been on every version of OS X from 10.1 to 10.11.2, and has been to all sorts of shady sites, and who has never run an antivirus type program ever, I can assure you, there are ZERO viruses. Oh sure, the malware attacks are up. All Mac malware is in the form of Trojan horses. What that means is, to get infected on Mac, you need to run a rogue installer, like downloading a Microsoft Office installer from a bit torrent site. All installer programs require an admin password to run. Once you give your administrative password to a program, it can basically do what it wants.

Unlike the PC world where everything is installed, 90%+ of apps on a Mac are NOT installed. They are simply downloaded and dragged to the Applications folder. Hell, even the “installed” programs from the Mac App Store aren’t actually installed. They are downloaded directly to the Applications folder. Only larger programs, like Office or Adobe Suite, need an actual installer.

It’s the best option for my proffession

I hear this mostly from graphics professions and musicians where Mac is an industry standard. I also hear this from programmers that need to work cross platform. This is also a completely valid reason.

Learn how to spell the word profession, PC Guy. Oh, wait. You’re PC Guy, not Spelling Guy.

The hardware is better

Macs, for the most part, use the same hardware that is available for PCs. Often a generation or even 2 behind. Not all PC hardware is the same however. If you buy a cheap PC, you can expect cheap results. It’s true that Apple still has some proprietary hardware, like the Retina display, but you can find the equivalent, or better, available for PC as well.

This is almost never true. In fact, when Macs are released, they’re on the same generation of hardware or, in some cases, have gotten Intel CPUs before the other guys. True, Apple doesn’t release hardware every 5 seconds like the other box makers, so it seems like they’re behind on some things, but they almost never are.

It Just Works

Well no, to think that you’re never going to have a problem with your Mac is just not correct. Just google “spinning beach ball” or “grey screen of death” for a few examples. This is a perception issue and an exaggeration. Will there be fewer problems? Perhaps. That partly depends on how you use your computer, the quality of your PCs hardware, and partly relies on the proprietary and controlled nature of Apple products.

Sorry, PC Guy, but Macs do “just work” more times than not. Spinning beach ball and gray screens are not the norm. Once again, you perceive your knowledge of Windows (Winrot and Blue screens) to be the norm for computing, yet you’ll pretend, paradoxically, that current versions of Windows don’t blue screen (you’re delusional).

In closing, you shouldn’t ask “PC Guy” about Macs for the same reason you shouldn’t ask a die hard Chevy guy about getting a Ford (and vice versa). Not only is he biased but, in the case of most PC Guys, they don’t know anything beyond the world of Windows.

P.S. Notice his “Microsoft Certified Professional” image at the bottom of the page. Point proven.

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