Bloggers gonna blog.

Happy new year, everybody! It’s been a little while, but I have been inspired to write again.

Anyway, today’s inspiration comes from a blog site called While I don’t know who owns the blog or if it has more than one writer, I can tell you the blogs are generally based on nothing, sometimes have no conclusions, provide zero evidence of their claims, and use incorrect words. Let’s dive right in, shall we.

Goods and Bads For Apple
. Where to start…

  • Goods and Bads – This is just bad English to me. Even if someone can prove it to be grammatically correct, it sounds horrible.
  • High and Low – Despite the title being called “Goods and Bads,” you’d expect to see a “Good” section and a “Bad” section (kind of like Pros and Cons). No. You see “High” and “Low.” Wouldn’t, then, the better title be “Highs and Lows?”
  • Slow iPads – Shouldn’t this be “Slowing sales of iPads,” as “Slow iPads” would suggest that some iPads are having a speed problem. Perception is everything and if I can’t get what you mean right away, I am starting to think you don’t understand the use of language. Then my belief is further cemented by reading the paragraph below it which proves it. A writing course wouldn’t hurt if you have any plans on doing this for a living.  By the way, slow sales of iPads isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Those things just run forever, as the iPad 2 has proven.
  • Apple Unleashes how they Make There Camera So Good – If you want to be taken seriously as a writer, know the difference between THERE and THEIR. This inability makes me not want to read the article because, if you don’t know proper words, what else don’t you know? It’s a pretty safe assumption for an aspiring writer.
  • The Big Problem with the Apple Watch – This feels unfinished and is definitely not researched. How about looking at Pebble watch statistics? May not be perfect, but it’s better than the nothing that was done.
  • By the way, maybe you shouldn’t have the same items in four different columns in your footer. Looks unfinished, unprofessional, or simply like someone didn’t know what they were doing to center the information.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no Pablo Picasso myself (see what I did there?), but I’m not pretending to be a serious tech writer. I just call it like I see it. I’ll call people out on their bullshit, bad writing, and other nonsense. Oh, and I’ll also go back and fix errors and other mistakes as I find them or as they’re pointed out. Look, I used THEY’RE (not THERE and not THEIR).

Happy 2016!

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