3D Touch (Force Touch) vs. long tap

Seems like the entire industry outside of Apple either doesn’t get it or just downplaying the technology.

Let’s be clear. All the mobile operating systems seem to have had long tap from the beginning (or close to it). After all, in iOS, if you want to delete an app, you tap and hold any icon to start the wiggling. Then you can delete or move or create folders, etc.

So, why are people having issues with understanding 3D Touch or just pretending it doesn’t matter?

Where are my gamers who use analog controllers? I’d like you to permanently give up your controllers and switch to the old NES or SNES controllers. Perhaps if you “long hold” the controller in the direction of your choice, you can somehow control the speed at which your character walks or runs.

Are you getting it yet? 3D Touch is far closer to analog control than a long tap. The harder you press, the different the action. In the case of Quicktime on the Mac, the harder you press rewind or fast forward, the faster that process happens.

Sure, in some instances, you can fake it with a long tap. If I hold a tap, something might accelerate, but I can never keep a certain speed constant. I’d either have to accelerate continuously or slow down by letting go. With 3D touch, I can maintain a speed by holding the pressure.

I’m sure Android can probably even fake peek/pop, by allowing a moment to not come out of peek from a long tap, just long enough to do a double tap to “pop” in.

You either understand analog control or you don’t. You either understand 3D Touch or you don’t.

In closing, how come every Android guy who says “People who love Android are people who love technology” always defending shitty or old tech, like all-or-nothing security, Flash (some asshole said flash just a WEEK ago), long tap, antivirus, quad-cores that perform like dual cores, etc.

Android – land of the “good enough” crowd.

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2 Responses to 3D Touch (Force Touch) vs. long tap

  1. Perron says:

    I bet that you spent a while trying to figure out a way for 3D touch to actually be usefull ahead simple long press πŸ˜‰ .

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