Windows 10: Why it’ll make you dump your Mac (if you have a learning disability)

We can almost assume that David Nield is trying to remain relevant and hold onto his job because, at best, this article is just here to get traffic. Why don’t we just dive right into his bullet points, shall we?

  • Seamless security – This is followed by explanations of new ways to login to the computer. Not one of those ways touches on the real security nightmare of Windows – malware. Go move to North Philly and boast that the locks on your doors are cooler than your neighbors. Let me know how that works out for you.
  • Touchscreen – I’m not yet sold on the idea of touch screen for laptops, but I’ll concede that there is no negative for having touch screen support (even if I personally don’t want it on my laptop).
  • The return of the Start Menu – So, Windows has had the Start Menu since, what, Windows 95? 20 years of having this feature. Then Microsoft removes it in their Windows 8 fiasco. NOW… WINDOWS 10 HAS TEH START MENU. W000000000hooooo0000! Microsoft innovation at its finest – have a feature, take it away, bring it back…. and voila! “Brand new feature!” As a side note, the same “excitement” surrounds Metro apps being in their own windows. Yeah. Innovation. Making sure Windows apps run in independent windows is new and exciting stuff. LOL
  • Apps work everywhere – Not sure I’m sold on this, nor do I believe the promise. Do the apps work shittier on a phone? Can your game play on the phone as well? Making Word work everywhere isn’t rocket science or even anything new. Apple and Google have been doing versions of this for quite some time. And, I happen to like Apple’s implementation of specific apps for specific devices that sync and behave accordingly. Maybe Microsoft will prove me wrong, but they never have before.
  • Cortana on the desktop – There’s nothing compelling about this. I don’t miss Siri outside of my phone environment. Reminders and calendar events still notify me on my Mac, so what’s the issue? Admittedly, I haven’t used Cortana, so maybe I’m missing something.
  • Microsoft Edge – Awesome that Microsoft finally made a new browser for 2015 but, at best, this is catch up, not leapfrogging or anything extraordinary. I definitely commend Microsoft for this, but I also condemn Microsoft for attempting to keep the Internet in the dark ages for so long with that shitty Internet Explorer (IE 6 being the biggest culprit). Edge is simply necessary now or MS gets left behind even further by every other browser.
  • Other apps – Remember I mentioned earlier in a side note about Windows’ users excitement that new Windows apps behave and appear in a windowed mode? That’s this bullet point. People are excited that apps in an OS called Windows that always behaved in a windows mode…. now operate in a windows mode. If you cannot understand the absurdity of this, you are not my target audience.
  • Xbox integration – This may or may not be a compelling feature for some, but I don’t see it.

I’m glad Microsoft is trying, but let’s not pretend they’re doing anything amazing that will woo away Mac users.

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