MacBook Air to the “rescue.”

Ok, so the MacBook Air didn’t rescue anything. However, this is but one more anecdote in a world full of anecdotes…

Many months back, I bought my girlfriend an ASUS. It was a cheap little machine because she wanted a computer to use and I wasn’t letting her use mine. Sorry, I pay a lot for my MacBook Pro and, if you can’t assure me you’ll treat the physical machine as well as I do, HANDS OFF. That goes for her, a woman in her 30s, and my son… 7. 😛

For months, she’d use it…. sometimes. As someone who used her old Windows XP machine until it died, that’s all she knew. She didn’t know Vista, 7, and here comes Windows 8 on her new ASUS. She didn’t like it very much. Not only was it not comfortable for her to use (even with little tweaks to make it 7-like again), the machine was fairly clunky and bulky. The track pad, like most PC laptops these days, was off center to align with main keyboatd (not keyboard plus number pad). This design never made sense to me… and she didn’t like it either. She was also worried about malware, though I wasn’t really sure why, since I figured she had that issue handled from being an XP user for so long.

Fast forward, and making a long story short, I bought her a refurbed 2014 MacBook Air. 13″, Core i5, 4GB RAM, and 128 GB SSD. In less than a day, she’s been using the thing almost non-stop. This is her first Mac and, although she’s been minimally exposed to Mac, she doesn’t know it yet. And yet, she’s already very happy with the thing, from how it looks, to how light it is, to how it functions without worrying about Windows nonsense that many IT people (and pseudo-IT people alike) say is just par for the course.

I’ll say it again. While no OS is 100% safe from malware, some handle it better. Windows will ALWAYS suck on that front. 15 years of OS X usage on my part on websites that would almost guarantee to give you the cyber version of AIDS, and I’ve never worried. 15 years of OS X increasing usage and criminals have, at best, managed to get trojans and scareware on Macs. *Yawn*

So, while I wouldn’t put her in the Mac camp just yet, she *really* likes her computer. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that she can play some of her favorite old DOS games natively on it (since DOS games only require x86/x64, NOT Windows).

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