Calling all spec whores…

Now… I realize this isn’t the end all, be all of tests and benchmarks, and there are probably benchmarks where Samsung shines, but can the next person who tells me that a Samsung Galaxy whatever whatever has much better specs than an iPhone simply go hang themselves?

In summary:
* The Samsung has EIGHT FUCKING CORES @ 2.1GHz.
* The iPhone has TWO FUCKING CORES @ 1.4GHz.

If the Samsung isn’t TROUNCING the iPhone, that tells me the hardware is shitty and/or Android is. In either case, please don’t pretend to be a techie and that’s why you prefer the inefficient hardware and/or software.

Just to rub it in, the phone with less cores and slower clock speeds per core won the round. And it won in high performance gaming (you know, the same metric most Windows guys fall over themselves with when comparing to a Mac)? Yeah, your shit sucks WITH (supposedly) better and faster hardware. Hamster that…

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