Just another quick thank you!

Somebody was kind enough to make an HTML5COIN donation. I just want to say thank you!

And, no time like the present to ask others for donations as well. I’m here to call analysts and other posters out on their nonsense. They get paid to lie or, at the very least, state a lot of fluff to get people going (or put the word “Apple” in their headlines to get clicks).

With your support, I can make this so much more of a full-time thing and it only costs cryptocurrency. πŸ˜€

As always, I accept:
Bitcoin – 15TodJKdmJ4YPKqKzajRsyaB5PbWGYdgyK
Litecoin – LeymkLfYBt57kdNfFaxjXnmghJrXpgovwK
Dogecoin – DDeez8PhqRJkGVsu1pTF9SZEWXz3ySke56
Html5coin – HJ1TnfGc6hKTVHRRYDNEd7pEmbnWeEN7Kt

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