Computers are annoying!

A friend of mine who has spent the last few weeks laptop hunting on Amazon, Tiger Direct, etc. keeps having issues over and over with what she is getting.  From hardware feeling slow to not connecting to some of the internet (some sites won’t load and some browsers refuse to download), her fun just kept going.  The latest ones she got, she felt that the Pentium machine was faster than the Core i3 machine.

One of the machines harassed her with numerous pop-ups out of the box:

  • Install open download manager…
  • Please update to the latest version of software for better performance
  • “…or some other stuff…”

She concluded that computers are annoying.

My reply?

No.  Computers are not annoying.  What you describe is a Windows problem.  Windows is annoying.

It’s not to say you probably can’t have similar issues with a used Mac ordered online, but the few people I know who bought *old* Macbooks (white ones that can’t go past Snow Leopard), they run circles around their Windows counterparts.

In summation, if you believe that Windows represents what computer usage is (or should be), you’ve been using the wrong computers for FAR.  TOO.  LONG.  It would be like someone in North Philly refusing to move because “all neighborhoods have crime.”

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2 Responses to Computers are annoying!

  1. Scott Siebenaler says:


  2. Take To Task says:

    And, as one can see from a guy like Scott Siebenaler, there’s no logical rebuttal. An answer of iSheep is his only reason why Windows – still plagued with malware, pop-ups, bloatware, the registry, etc. – is better than the Mac in his mind.

    You have just seen the typical answer from a typical Windows user. When they can’t logically defend their position, they skip to insults.

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