Mac and iOS malware. No… for real! FOR REEALLZ FOR reAL!!111

Once again, people love announcing Mac malware. Love scaring you into a giant panic. Let’s just get to the heart of the matter…

The point of entry seems to be OS X computers, with researchers having found 467 malware OS X applications in the unofficial Maiyadi App Store in China that were downloaded more than 356,000 times in the past six months in the region.

Once on a Mac, WireLurker can infect any iPhone that’s connected via USB to the computer, and install malicious applications.

Why does this matter? Because it emphasizes that nothing has changed. People are using a questionable store (read: probably known pirates apps), installing, and providing their admin info so it now has control of their Macs. From there…

And, because Apple has already addressed this, we can assume that Chris Smith from BGR just needs a hit-whore piece to get paid.

Another non-issue regarding Apple trojans that require idiots to give admin rights to questionable software. Sorry, this is still not the Mac Ebola virus the Windows IT guys told you was coming! 😛

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