Sound the alarms! We have an eMerchantC!

I’m sure, over the last number of days, you’ve heard the stories about stores turning off Apple Pay. Those headlines love using Apple, because they become hit-whore pieces. That said, there’s much more going on here than meets the eye.

The uninformed person right now views this as an Apple is doomed for wanting to go their own direction. In fact, you might hear something resembling this statement from an uninformed Google or Microsoft fan… after all, let’s get those digs in Apple. Their misunderstanding of both Apple using standards AND who is getting affected by all this is mind-blowing.

It’s worse, however, than you can imagine.

  1. These stores have turned off NFC. Yes, this kills Apple Pay because the phone can’t communicate with the terminal.
  2. Google Wallet has been killed as well. WHAT WHAT WHAT??!!! Again, NFC has been turned off, not some “magical, proprietary, Apple radio wave.”
  3. The competing “technology” used by these stores (The Merchant Customer Exchange, or MCX) going against NFC have some fun hoops for you.  Here’s an image taken directly from their website.
  4. Not only do they have a fun amount of steps to make a purchase (contrast that to *any* Apple Pay video out right now), they want your driver’s license, social security number, and bank account number(s). They say these things are not stored on your device, like that’s a secure thing. Nope, it’ll be on their cloud servers, nice and safe, you know, like Target or Staples, or…. Seriously, a hack of this technology will empty your bank account, and yield thieves personal info to steal your identity. But your credit cards will be nice and safe.

Now is the time for the Apple and Google camps to stop fighting each other and start fighting the MCX. Dare I say it? Fanboys and Fandroids unite??!!! For now, anyway. 😛

HJ1TnfGc6hKTVHRRYDNEd7pEmbnWeEN7Kt (HTML5Coin donations always welcome!)

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