Html5coin… approximately 30 days later.

Ok. So… for those who have been following, htmlcoin went through a transition in a way that most cryptocurrencies have not. I’d even argue, in a way that most stocks have not.

Let’s recap up to the transition to html5coin:

  • The original htmlcoin was stupidly easy to acquire *and* in large amounts.
  • The original algorithm was flawed.
  • The difficulty never rose.
  • People in general declared this coin dead.
  • The coin mysteriously and confusingly traded *well* for Dogecoin and, on occasion, traded for a small amount of Litecoin.
  • The developer never gave up on the coin. Always promoted it.
  • The developer announced a new, fixed algorithm, an updated coin name, and a reverse split of 1:15 (depending on when you did the trade) for the new coin.

Now, you have to understand, many of those attributes listed above should have meant htmlcoin’s demise. So many coins have disappeared, and they had far less flawed attributes than what was listed here. Hell, so many stocks in the regular world of Wall Street would have been looked upon unfavorably just for that reverse split alone (especially penny stocks).

Here’s the difference, and this purely opinion.

  • Ian, the promoter (and developer, I think) of html5coin, never gave up! He lived up to the title of promoter – he pushed this coin everywhere.
  • Ian was not in it for a get-rich-quick-with-bitcoin scheme. If he had been, he’d have given up long ago. Instead, he wanted (and *still* wants) this coin to succeed and become something more.
  • The entire html5coin community wants this coin to become something more. And, to clarify, that does not mean it has to supplant bitcoin or even ever be worth more than bitcoin. It just has to thrive and continue to have a use, whether that’s in an exchange, or in a marketplace (or both).

So, how does hmtl5coin appear to me today, just (approximately) 30 days after the transition? More bullet points… 😛

  • html5coin still trades well with Dogecoin.
  • html5coin trades well with Litecoin.
  • html5coin trades with Bitcoin (at 1 satoshi, so far), and never did that before.
  • html5coin is now one of the “premium coins” at Bleutrade. That means, html5coin is grouped with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin (although Bleutrade allows any coin they have to be traded with any other coin they have). Now, while we can all argue that Ian may have offered them some money, I don’t think that matters. Why? If I were running an exchange and you offered me what I perceived as “monopoly money,” I would not accept. Instead, they put html5 at the top with the three coins everyone in the crypto world knows. That means the Bleutrade has faith in the coin. And why shouldn’t they, html5coin is actually trading for higher value coins in a way it never did before.

I’ve even heard the conspiracy theories of Bleutrade being behind html5coin, but I don’t believe that. Though, even if that were true, I’m still doing well with html5coin and I’ve lost nothing in the process. Isn’t that what we want – to play in the cryptocurrency world with as little risk as possible? html5coin certainly exemplifies that and has done so since its inception.

I know things can change in a heartbeat, but I wanted to give you a perspective – my perspective – of how html5coin is doing so far.

See you in another 30(ish) days!

HJ1TnfGc6hKTVHRRYDNEd7pEmbnWeEN7Kt ← html5coin donations gladly accepted! 🙂

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4 Responses to Html5coin… approximately 30 days later.

  1. cryptobiz says:

    Reblogged this on cryptobiz and commented:
    We too have watched HTML5 coin closely. They appear committed to following through with what we started.

  2. Luposian says:

    What is HTML5Coin doing these days? I have 500 HTML5 in my wallet, my weight is over 785, but the Network weight is 0! Says I have zero days to make a stake, but…I get nothing. That’s likely because the network is 0. Where is the HTML5 network traffic necessary to making having these coins in my wallet worth anything? Selling them at Cryptsy is about the only other option, as far as I can see.

  3. Take To Task says:

    From html5coin’s own site:

    Total Block: 10,800,000
    Block 11 – 10,800,000: 5 000 HTML5
    After block 10,800,00 POS will start .
    1% Annual PoS.

    I could be wrong, but I suspect we’re not nearly at block 10,800,000 yet, so you might be waiting a while for any staking.

    • Luposian says:

      Thanks for the clarification! I guess I assumed wallets w/ staking featured, meant you COULD stake, right then and there. My bad… guess I’ll see about mining them, then!

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