Have you joined the Cryptocurrency world yet?

I realize that I’m always asking for donations, but it never occurred to me that I could just get donations via referrals.  So, I’m going to make some recommendations… GOOD recommendations.  This becomes a win-win in the cryptocurrency world.

Recommendation #1:  Faucets
Faucets are websites where you can put in your coin address and get a “drop” of coin. Think of a leaky faucet where you hear that annoying drip only, in this case, each drip is a bit of coin. Nothing annoying about that (unless you’re annoyed it’s not enough :P).

  •  Bitcoin Faucet – You can “roll” every hour and win some Bitcoin. If you set it to autopay, it pays every Sunday around 11AM (EDT). If you’re less trusting, you can do manual pay for some fee. I gave them ONE chance to not pay me before I’d switch to manual pay. Good news! They’ve never screwed up. I’m paid weekly as long as I keep playing! Autopay has a minimum amount (something like 0.00005400). If you have exceeded that, you get paid! Yes, this link is a referral link. So, I get some Bitcoin just for referring you and it does not take from your winnings to pay me. In turn, I can (and will) reward you by paying back some Bitcoin to my referrals! See? Win-win.
  • Dogecoin Faucet – This works the same way. Also a referral link!

Recommendation #2: Exchanges
Play the stock market? Same thing, only it’s with Cryptocurrency. The exchange I personally use and recommend is Bleutrade. They have made it very easy to learn and they allow you to trade anything for anything (assuming those “anythings” are coins in their exchange). That means it’s possible to trade a new altcoin for Bitcoin, or a new altcoin for old altcoins… and vice versa. One of the better features they have is what they call BLEU shares (not to be confused with BLU coin, which happens frequently). By acquiring BLEU shares, the exchange acts like a faucet. The actual amount you get is dependent upon both fees collected for a particular coin AND how many shares of BLEU you have. The beauty of BLEU is, it also gets more from the faucet effect, so having BLEU means you’ll get more BLEU.
Their affiliate program (my referral link) means that any trades or fees collected from your trades guarantees me 10% of that. Again, they don’t take from you to give to me, so you don’t lose anything in the deal. And, the more affiliates you sign up afterwards, the more you’ll get from others. Nobody loses.

Lastly, feeling generous but don’t want to give better known coins because you, like me, are scrambling from faucets just to get the small amount you have now? I gladly accept HTML5coin.

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