“The sky is falling… for real. No, for real!!!!1” Windows users love a good Mac malware article.

A couple days ago, I read a Yahoo article regarding a new Mac “worm.” The article points to about 17,000 Macs being used in a botnet.

Once again, the article above is the sensational one. MACS done be getting VIRUSES and WINDOWS AM ARe safer!!@

The below link, however, confirms what I had already thought to be true. Once again, the user has to download questionable software (usually pirated apps) and run an installer which *requires* admin rights to continue.

So, the user is at fault.


Finally, many Windows users love to claim Windows is more secure because it has *insert random security feature here*.

Now, if that were true, then North Philly would be the safest neighborhood ever. Bars on windows. Doors with multiple deadbolts. Guns everywhere. Sounds like nobody would be messing with anyone or robbing anyone because you’d know what to expect. NOPE. Worst place for killings, muggings, stealing, theft, etc.

Contrast that to a suburban area like Plumsteadville. While there may or may not be gun carriers there, there are no bars on windows, no deadbolts on doors, cars and houses may or may not be unlocked. Thefts are minimal. Same with muggings and thefts.  One *could* steal stuff simply by opening most doors.

So, Windows has the same amount of “security” as North Philly and, accordingly, is equally as safe.

Mac, seemingly, has the same amount of security as Plumsteadville (but I’d argue that Unix has security down far better than Windows ever will), yet it is as safe as Plumsteadville. In fact, just a little vigilance (like not downloading questionable software and granting admin rights) will keep you safe without “security software.”

I know I’m beating a dead horse.
I know, to the Mac crowd, I’m preaching to the choir.
I know, to the Windows crowd, I sound like an apologist for this piece of malware.

Consider this. I have been visiting seedy sites since 1997. I have downloaded stuff. Watched videos. I have never been infected. There’s the usual chorus of Windows users that chant, “Well, you wouldn’t know because it’s hidden.” And, if that’s the case, Windows users, my bank accounts would have been depleted a million times over.

It’s ok. I’ve learned that the Windows crowd NEEDS to believe they have the better system. They either have IT certificates that tell them so, or their friend is an IT guy who assured them Windows is better… or, you know, “Macs are toys” because Windows has more games for it (love that counter-intuitive argument)… or they still believe Macs are not compatible… or they still believe Macs have no software…. Pick an excuse.  They’ve used it or will shortly…

  • You guys enjoy your quad-core processors that waste cycles on anti-malware programs (usually more than one).
  • You guys enjoy your ability to get malware just from visiting the wrong page.
    You guys enjoy your OS’ inexplicable rollback of updates it just took an hour trying to install.
  • You guys enjoy your annual or bi-annual reinstall of Windows because *insert stupid, but apologist reason here*.
  • You guys enjoy random registry corruption.
  • You guys enjoy random Windows file system corruption (admittedly, nowhere near as bad as XP used to be with its “hive error”).

In closing, I can keep doing what I do daily on my Mac. You guys better make sure Avast is up-to-date on your machine. BTW, I picked Avast because I happen to think they’re one of the better Windows anti-virus programs, its free for home use, and I always use it on my Windows VMs.

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