This is not a normal TakeToTask article.  It’s a “Wow, how did they do that?” article.

HTMLcoin started off differently from the other altcoins. Its difficulty barely increased during the numerous months of its existence. You could get 50,000 HTMLcoin within minutes… some of us became “billionaires” in this coin fairly quickly.

Of course, like any “currency,” if you can just get it, it’s not worth a damn thing. For that reason, many pronounced this coin DOA. Didn’t matter that the dev pushed this coin. Nobody was “buying into” his shtick.

BUT… unlike so many altcoins that have disappeared, HTMLcoin found its niche. It traded VERY well with Doge. People found themselves “rich” in both HTML *and* Doge. Again and again, HTML would go up and down, allotting traders a varying degree of Doge. Of course, when you’re only able to trade for a small amount of Dogecoin, your run is almost over. Then the mystery would happen and it would fly up again. HTMLcoin has defied logic its entire run. It even traded for Litecoin on the rare occasion.

Despite numerous insistence from so-called experts, HTML continued to trade. I even suggested people stop looking at HTMLcoin as a “get rich like Bitcoin” scheme and think of it more as a learning coin. You could amass it quickly and trade it without *feeling* like you were losing anything. I know it helped me in the altcoin trading area. On Bleutrade, you could even trade HTML for a fair amount of BLEU (Bleutrade’s own internal “shares,” that act like faucets for all coins).

Finally, HTML acknowledged (publicly) that their algorithm was flawed. Difficulty never increased and I believe the amount of HTMLcoin exceeded their original (proposed) limit of coins.

Enter HTML5coin, which debuted publicly on 9-25-2014. It was handled in a 1:15 split, meaning you got 1 new HTML5 for every 15 old HTML. The lucky few on Bleutrade could get it for 1:13, which was a bit nicer.

After the 9-25 trade, HTML5 is seemingly holding its own. Admittedly, I don’t yet know how to mine it. I mean, I got the x15 miner and tried CPU-mining, but it just boos me (meaning the shares are not accepted). Nonetheless, HTML5coin is proof that, if you want the coin to succeed and you have a community behind it, some bumps in the road will not stop you.

I am a proud holder of HTML5coin and yes, I realize it may never be worth anything. I also realize, as HTMLcoin has already proven, it could skyrocket without logical explanation. So, come and join the community. It really is the epitome of you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


And yes, I absolutely accept HTML5coin donations!

Update: ./minerd -a bitblock -o stratum+tcp:// -u worker.username -p worker.passsword ← Hey. I figured out how to make the miner work for X15.
More details here:

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