“Welcome to 2012.”


Let’s address these, shall we?

  • 4.7 Inch Screen.  Is this a feature?  I’m not fully convinced that this is a necessary “feature,” but yes, I get that people want a larger screen.  So.. here it is.
  • 750p resolution.  I confess… I don’t know what this is.  The more I Google it, the more I get “corrected” to 720p.
  • NFC payments.  WOW!  Android had this first.  Ok.  And it really took off.  Oh, no it didn’t.  Almsot nobody uses it.  Time will tell if people use Apple’s implementation.  I can tell you that Touch ID is the make-or-break feature that makes NFC compelling.  Nobody is using my NFC, even if they steal the phone.
  • Widgets — Yes.  Android wins that round.  We’ll see if I care, because I still don’t care about them on Mac.
  • 3rd-party keyboard.  It is a nice addition, but let’s not pretend this wasn’t here for technical reasons.  There’s a philosophy change and it’s a smart one.
  • Typing suggestions sounds nice.  Another catch up for iPhone.  Or, maybe they found a better method.  It’s probably the former.
  • Cross-app communication.  I’m GLAD Apple smartly thought this through.  Android has a very all-or-nothing security model.  Don’t like it.  Apple waits until they figure it out (usually).  I like the fact that they have sand-boxed apps connecting now.
  • Cloud photo backup.  I don’t know this one either.  I do think Apple could bump that 5GB free to something usable.  Different argument, however…
  • Battery stats.  I don’t know how they compare anymore.  So many graphics skewed to show good/bad performance, depending on agenda.

So, for me, I see many shallow points in which it *looks* like Apple is playing catch up.  But, let’s beat a dead horse, shall we?

  • Apple is ahead of everyone else in terms or processor.
    • 2nd generation 64-bit chip (A8).  CPU is up to 25% faster; GPU is up to 50% faster.  Still keeps pace with those FOUR CORE chips that Android uses (and those chips run at 2.xGHz, not 1.4GHz that the A8 runs at)
    • Android is just getting to 64-bit and those 64-bit processors are slowly trickling.  Welcome to 2013, Android.
  • Android’s security model is all-or-nothing.  Can’t allow an app access to photos but deny it access to contacts.  Since Apple implemented the “a la carte” security model in iOS 6 (2012), if/when Android decides to follow, we can welcome them to the 2012 security model.  Until then, they have the 1995 (Windows 95) security model.  Maybe.
  • Apple has more apps and higher-quality apps.  This differs from Windows having more apps, because Apple still wins there in quality apps.
  • Android has gotten leaner, but let’s not pretend that throwing more cores and GHz at Android to make it smoother makes it a faster and better OS than iOS.  If anything, Android still has a lot of catching up to do to run smoothly and without lag on a dual-core CPU running at 1.4GHz.  We’ll never see that but, if we did, it would probably suck.

In closing, the appearance is, Apple needs to catch up (or is just catching up now).  The reality is, Android has a lot of catching up to do in the actual technical areas that the nerds are avoiding when they post graphics like the one above.

Android’s “speed” is smoke and mirrors.  It NEEDS quad-core chips at 2.xGHz to appear to function at the speed of iOS running on dual-core chip at 1.4GHz.  Android’s speed appearance is akin to someone boasting about their 9″ killer cock (that NEEDS Viagra to function).

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2 Responses to “Welcome to 2012.”

  1. Robert Lousure says:

    Shots fired

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