Jim Edwards — May have just had a virtual orgasm because I wrote his name.

Add another fool to the “Apple is losing” camp because of “lack of market share,” blah blah blah blah blah.


On his page, he highlights all the reasons why Apple “only serves the richest 15%,” or some such nonsense.

IDC makes a new prediction every year and pushes it out at least 4 years because, well, MAYBE the stars will align by then.

Once again, and I can’t stress this enough:

  • Top of the line iPhones and top of the line Androids run about the same price.
  • Low end iPhones and low end Androids run about the same, even BOTH going as low as FREE.
  • iPhones, within the last couple models, are guaranteed to get the latest OS, even if some of the more complex functionality is removed/reduced.
  • REGARDLESS OF Android phone, you may or may not get the latest Android OS, nor is there a guarantee that you will get any updates. Of course, if you know how to root your phone or you’re willing to pay a techie with cash or sex, they’ll do it for you. 😛

I realize people don’t care about that last one so much, as long as they have Facebook and Candy Crush. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Edwards, the Candy Crush maker also wants PAYING customers, something Android lacks, despite its heavy market share. Almost every Android user I know believes “software should be free,” like digital hippies. Not exactly who I’d be spending my time making stuff for. Ads may pay some revenue, but not like paying customers.

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