Windows users will be Windows users.

Sometimes I like to play nice.  I understand choice.  CHOOSING Mac.  CHOOSING Windows.  CHOOSING Linux.  I even understand ribbing the “other guys” because their choice is not *your* choice.  What I never quite understand is why the other guys
(read: Windows guys, especially) will out and out LIE regarding the alternatives.

Some examples:

  • All Macs are slow. – And this blanket statement is based on what? Your one time usage of a Mac back in 2004? Your one time usage of a Mac period? The fact that you can barely navigate your way around a Mac? Because if I told you that every Windows PC was slow, you’d probably attempt to educate me on the merits of RAM, or how that PC was using Windows XP and it’s unfair to judge Windows 7/8 based on XP experience. The fact that a term Winrot exists ONLY for Windows says a lot about the shittiness of Windows and its ability to degrade over time.
  • Macs are toys! – Can someone finally explain this to me? What makes a Mac a toy? Intuitiveness? Easier to use file system? The fact that its underpinning is Unix (certified Unix under the specifications)? Which point makes Mac a toy? Is it that a child can use it and doesn’t require a “trained MCSE” to fix it most of the time? OHHHHHH. That’s right. What makes the Mac a toy is….. *drum roll*…….. its lack of games compared to Windows.
  • Steve Jobs is Hitler. – A Jewish guy said this to me. Apparently, he doesn’t understand how the Nazis worked. Apple (Macs, not iPhones) has a higher cost to join in. PCs will let you in with pennies. Sounds more like Steve Jobs DOESN’T want you in his “yacht club” unless you can pay up. Go away now. Hitler, on the other hand, didn’t care where you were in the world. If he could round you up and gas you, he did. This is just a *really* dumb comparison.
  • Macs don’t get viruses. – This is true in the most literal sense. I’ve not seen any automatic installs of programs that then spread out. That said, a trojan horse is possible and has happened on multiple occasions. Trojans are scary enough because they can be simple programs that just erase your home directory. Not a virus in the traditional sense, but you surely still get fucked by it. Java and Flash are two ways that Macs can also get infected, but Macs aren’t alone there. Java and Flash on ANY platform opens you up to the same problem. However, in all my years of porn surfing (might as well just admit what everyone else denies or alludes to at best), I’ve never been hit by some drive-by infection. I can’t say the same for my Windows-using friends. Some have had to reinstall. Some have had “colorful” pictures when their machines started up. So, Mac users, be vigilant and smart when surfing and you’ll be ok. Also, stay away from pirated apps that require installations (such as Office or Adobe Suite).
  • Macs don’t get viruses because the market share is too small. – The flip side of the argument. Windows users, we can deduce, have all failed statistics courses. If 5% of computers are Macs (let’s pretend there are 100,000,000 million computers out there, so 5% is 5,000,000), then surely, there would be 1-5% of malware written to hit those 5,000,000 Macs that are “unprotected” in the sense of using or needing antivirus software. Nope. Logic and statistics get thrown out the window because “CrApple SuxxxorZ!”
  • Linux is better than Mac or Windows because it’s all free. – True. Linux is free. I even like to play with Ubuntu and I endorse Elementary OS to some extent as a relatively easy to use Linux… but there’s the rub. Linux is not as intuitive as one would like you to believe. I tried giving Ubuntu to someone who didn’t have a Windows install disc and wanted to use their laptop again. They just couldn’t grasp it. And, as much as I like Elementary OS, there’s no way to have desktop icons… at least, no intuitive way I can tell to do it. People, myself included, LOVE to make a giant mess on the desktop. 😛 Also, there is the whole “it should be free” mentality. Great for a community, but shitty for developers who make a living on developing. It’s also amusing when a Linux user messes up their own menus and doesn’t know how to fix them or Google the problem. Methinks Linux is the wrong platform for you. Stop pretending to be “above the mainstream” platforms.

Maybe I’ll come back and add to this later, but I’m just repeating the same things over and over. Perhaps it’s because I’m responding to the same lies over and over.

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