Why do old fools who know nothing of technology get to speak?


Howard Gold is today’s “I need to mention Apple in a (negative) headline to generate hits for my company, lest they find me a useless employee/contractor.”
Mr. Gold is suggesting that Apple’s “innovation well” has run dry. Let’s look at the 2000s just to shut this guy the fuck up.

  • iPod – October 23, 2001
  • iPhone – (Introduced on) January 9, 2007
  • iPad – April 3, 2010

Three innovations in the 2000s. Actually, I’d argue there are TWO innovations in the 2000s. As much as I love my ipad, it’s merely an evolution of the iPhone. It’s bigger and can handle windowing more efficiently, but it’s essentially the same thing.

So there. TWO. How many have Google and Microsoft come out with in the same amount of time? By that, I mean absolute game changers? The answer is ZERO. Those who argue Android is Google’s game-changer apparently are stupid, naive, lying, etc. Android devices and the OS were Blackberry-based until the iPhone, at which point they did an about face on the whole Blackberry-esque project and became iPhone-like.

I’d like to see an innovation again, but Apple doesn’t need to pull a Samsung and just release crap to say they’ve done it first.

Hey! How about an iMuzzle for Howard Gold? I’d help pay for that!

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