Police officers who *live* in nice neighborhoods are cowards!

Did I get your attention?  Good!  Because I don’t actually believe the title, but it had to be said because it’s the theme to today’s blog.  More precisely, what is logical and common sense in the real world is not logical and common sense in the tech world.

To start, my thoughts stem from this article — (http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/apr/10/fake-android-antivirus-app-developer-virus-shield)

Beating a dead and, sadly ignored, horse, the idea of antivirus software on a phone OS is not only horrible, but it shows how many of you computer users have learned NOTHING in your supposed escape from Windows. “YES! I MADE IT!” exclaimed the frail Jewish man who escaped from the concentration camp and arrived safely in Syria.

Reading through the comments of the Android-centric page, I saw a lot of “only tech illiterates use iPhone” and that was the final straw in me needing to write this. Let us address these issues (some of them again) because the tech world – Android world especially – seems to love ignoring common sense just to use words like “free” and “open.”

  1. Antivirus on a phone – REALLY? You want to go through the next decade or more doing this again? It still only barely works on Windows now, where people still have the mentality of “Well, I have antivirus, so I can continue download pirated stuff and click on this Russian Bank of America link.”
  2. Company A has 4 people that complete a job in an hour. They each get paid $20/hr. The total cost was $80.Company B has 2 people that complete the same job in an hour and 15 minutes. They get paid $10/hr. The total cost was $25.

    According to the Android camp, Company A has the more efficient team because it has more Cores (employees) and more GHz (dollars spent per hour).The CPUs alone in Android phones have double the cores (4 cores) AND double the clock speed (2.6GHz) yet, in most cases, they are losing to the A7 in Apple’s iPhone 5s. The A7 is DUAL CORE (not quad) and is only at 1.3GHz in clock speed. Only the NEW new quad cores in Android phones are showing to really win in instances against the A7, but not double or quadruple capacity. If you have double the processing power and each processor is going at double the speed, why aren’t you destroying the A7? For as logical as the tech world is supposed to be, logic goes out the window trying to defend and explain away the inefficiencies of these quad core CPUs (and that’s just PURE benchmark speed, not necessarily Android’s crippling of said CPUs). People just need to bash the A7 because “Apple is going out of business and is t3h suxxorz!”Oh, and by the way, take your already inefficient quad core CPUs and enjoy wasting even more cycles on antivirus software. That ought to speed you up even more. 😛

  3. As a computer user whose beginnings were the Commodore 64, I understand FREE. I remember the days of copying games using Fast Hackem 3, or whatever those copying programs were used. They were copy programs that would do a full disc-to-disc copy, while also removing the copy-protection scheme. Most of the time, it worked. I was also 12 or so. The idea of paying money for these games was foreign, simply because “everybody was making copies for each other.” We were kids. We weren’t thinking about copyrights and such. It “wasn’t stealing” because we weren’t running out of stores with discs in our pockets.As a responsible adult, I understand that copying is still stealing in the way that the author/programmer still doesn’t get paid for his/her work, even if something physical isn’t missing.I begin this point with my understanding of stealing because MOST Android diehards (not regular users) espouse the FREEDOM to do what they want and some have even gone so far as to say that “all software should be free.” So, the mentality is already there to “hate Apple” because Apple is money, Android is free. I won’t touch this subject again (in this blog), but see any of my previous blogs to see that both Android and Apple have the same range in pricing — $0 to many hundreds of dollars.I want the freedom to use my phone.Yes, side-loading would be nice in theory, and I CAN do that with my iPhone by simply joining the jailbreak community (you know, like you pretend tech-heads that claim Android is better, but you must root it first and then not realize what you’re actually saying…) but my phone is the intimate computer. It’s on me at all times. It has private messages, contacts, pictures and videos of my son and friends, etc. The last thing I need is for something to be installed and start transmitting copies of any of that and/or deleting it all. I know that Apple isn’t 100% at stopping this stuff, but their percentage is far higher than Google for stopping this stuff. Vista taught all Windows users to click OK/Allow to “get past that annoying gray screen.” Android is teaching all users to “click ok to get past that annoying explanation of what services will be used” screen. Android IS Windows, but because it uses keywords like free, open, Linux, etc., pseudo-techies believe they have ascended from the Windows/Apple world and are looking down from the Android heavens made of chocolate. The FREEDOM to use my iPhone is the safety I feel at just using it.
    • Police officers who *live* in nice neighborhoods are cowards!
    • Car mechanics who drive a Mercedes or BMW are shitty mechanics.
    • Computer programmers and tech support guys who use Macs/iPhones at home are tech illiterates.

    The Android guy is thinking “no way” on those first two, but “yeah, dummies with toys” on the third one. Logic, in the tech world, goes out the window. It really is fascinating. The Android camp could be a show on the Discovery channel. We can watch the gorillas in their natural habitat. I really do hate to be insulting to the Android world because Android as an OS is still a good thing to have (DAMN YOU, WebOS, for not being another OS in today’s world), but the defense of Android’s shortcoming’s (mainly Google’s decisions more than inherent OS flaws) is just pure insanity.

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    Android IS doing the same thing Windows did. We see how Windows worked out. Sure, it’s the dominating force BUT, in the same way, enjoy your Cryptolocker.

  4. Finally, my apologies to the police. You guys (and gals) step out there every day and do the thing that keeps us safe. Thank you for doing what you do!
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