Roku CEO shows signs of desperation — He bashes the word “Apple.”

I keep saying it.  Every time an analyst trash talks “Apple,” it’s because (s)he has no actual substance to write about and needs to show a reason to stay employed.  While the Roku CEO is obviously not an analyst, this fool made the mistake of trash talking his competitor by describing it as something it’s not.  All that tells me is that h’es afraid of the current device or afraid of what’s to come from the Apple TV 4.

I have no experience with Roku, so I won’t trash the device.  On the contrary, the people I know who have a Roku, love it.  That says something.  I have an Apple TV.  Actually, I have two, since I gave my son the version 2 when I bought myself the 3.  It is rare that I used my iPad or iPhone with an Apple TV, so dismissing it as an “iPad accessory” tells me that Mr. Wood doesn’t actually know his competition.  BAD strategy for a CEO.  I believe Ballmer did the same thing for over a decade.  Didn’t know or understand his competition.  Laughed at the iPhone’s lack of keyboard and called sales/profits for the device a rounding error.  Mr. Wood… are you changing your name to Ballmer anytime soon?  Perhaps you should. Oh, and where’s the hard evidence of all the money Apple is losing on the Apple TV? Also, can you show us the breakdown of your sales vs. cost-to-build as well for the Roku? Otherwise, you’re talking smack at best.

My Apple TV is mainly used for Netflix, YouTube (which has many free movies and old TV shows), and some direct iTunes streaming, either from my library or from the cloud (thank you, Apple, for that Harry Potter error where the collection of all 8 movies was $9.99). My son’s Apple TV is used in a similar manner, but he does do a lot of video pushing from his iPad.

Oh, fine. I admit it. My iPhone occasionally becomes an accessory (read: remote) when I drop the little Apple TV remote under the couch. 😛

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