I’m gonna lose my job! I better write a “Why the iPhone 6 has already lost” article to get traffic.


You guys never stop, do you? You have nothing of substance to say so you MAKE SHIT UP! Let’s address this goofy guy’s made up stuff, shall we?

1) Weak Camera Features — Hahahahaha! The iPhone 5s’ camera easily handled the Nokia’s 41MP camera. Source: http://blog.laptopmag.com/iphone-5s-vs-lumia-1020-camera

2) Poor Battery Life, No Removable Battery — This one has a little truth. iOS 7 has been worse on the battery life, but my iPhone 5s has had great battery life compared to my iPhone 4s. And at no time, ever, have I needed to remove a battery. Some people may like the idea, but sales of iPhones, iPads, and every single Macbook product prove that nobody gives a shit about removable batteries the way this fool would have you believe.

3) No NFC — NFC is everywhere now, is it? Or are you still one of those fools saying, “But it doesn’t have Flash!!!!111111!!1” I don’t even see NFC options available, but perhaps you think the ladies like when you say, “My phone has NFC.” No Fucking Chance is all you have, buddy.

4) Too Few Sharing Options — What are we sharing? I can SMS message, iMessage, Airdrop, email, etc. Oh, you mean like sharing an SD card? SD cards are nice, but I know more regular users who don’t know what an SD card is, or they break/lose them than anything else. Hello, floppy disk of 2014 (and I say that as a lover of SD cards).

5) Weak Keyboard — Swype really isn’t that great. I’ve used it. I can see why someone might have a preference for it but, until Apple’s update to the shift key (see my fun rant), I have had 0 problems with it. NO DIFFICULTIES since my first iPhone in 2008. Oh, and there’s nothing more annoying (and battery-draining) than a device vibrating for a slight moment with each key press. The GBA emulator does that and I fucking hate it.

6) Limited Customization – It’s amazing how many people want Windows 95 Active Desktop on their phones. I don’t want fucking widgets on my phone. I might agree about on an iPad, but your article says iPhone 6. The article states it’s designed for the lowest common denominator — HAHA, you mean like EVERY SINGLE APP FOR ANDROID? You know, not knowing screen size, hardware features, etc., the developers make apps for the SHITTIEST of Android phones and you guys spending $499 on top-tier Android phones get the SAME SHITTY APPS? Android users know ALL ABOUT “lowest common denominator.” In Apple’s case, they want a consistent user interface and experience, something Android cannot guarantee from Samsung to LG to HTC to Kindle (even running the same or similar versions of the OS).

Once again, the example here is of a “journalist” who has absolutely no talent and, when in dire need of a story, chooses the old “Apple is teh d00md!1” headline to get hit-whore results.

Please consider donating. After all, these other guys get paid to lie or just make shit up. I’m attempting to expose them. And, well, I’m not picky on the currency. Thank you!

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