What are you doing, Apple?  You’ve gone from the “King of Usability” to “Yeeeaaah, I’m sure they’ll figure it out.”  This is not cool and you need to make a fix quickly.

In earlier versions of the keyboard, the shift key’s coloring made sense. You could tell when it was off, on, and locked. You’ve taken that intuitiveness and flushed it down the toilet. In older versions of the keyboard, the shift key looked like all the other keys when NOT pressed. When pressed, it “lit up” or highlighted. When locked, it had yet another color to its highlight.

NOW… in iOS 7.1, when it’s not pressed, the button color is somewhat intuitive. The button has a different color, the arrow is white, and I know it’s off (though it IS similar to the way the key used to denote being on). The confusion is when it’s pressed and the button color COMPLETELY matches the other keys, in both the color of the key and the arrow color matching the letters. At a glance, I have NO IDEA this means it’s on. In your backwards logic, you have decided the shift key’s appearance for ON is every other key’s appearance for OFF. WHAT. THE. FUCK?????

To make matters worse, the search screen’s keyboard behaves like the keyboard of old. The shift key does still look different when off. The key itself is slightly darker than the other keys, but the arrow’s color matches the letter color. Completely the opposite of what I just described for the “regular keyboard” found elsewhere. When I tap it, it highlights (inverts). The button is bright and the arrow is dark. I can tell it’s on. There’s NO CONFUSION whatsoever.

“Two designers walk into a bar. They get really drunk. Each one gets assigned a keyboard…” THIS. IS. BULLSHIT!
And what the fuck is with a single underline for lock?

Apple, I usually trust your design judgements, but somebody’s smoking the now-legal marijuana over there on the west coast. I hate to be one of those, “Steve Jobs wouldn’t approve” guys, but really, he would not approve. This is a step backwards in usability. I wish somebody — ANYBODY – at Apple would just release iOS 7.11 with either a fixed keyboard or the ability to ALWAYS use the GOOD keyboard found on the search screen.

I’m also glad to know I’m not alone in the confusion…


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4 Responses to Apple. FIX THE. iOS 7.1 KEYBOARD!

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  2. Steve Jones says:

    I’m feeling like this too. Almost makes me want to scream.
    This Steve is not pleased! Go back to the old keyboard. That’s right, leave it as is ,or.. get it right!

  3. Boxcar says:

    I still don’t get why color themes aren’t user selectable. Original keyboard theme rocked. Choices, Apple… that’s all we want.

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