Apple lost another market…

According to the all-knowing, all-seeing Sam Mattera at (how appropriate THAT URL is), Apple has lost the tablet market to Android.

Funny, I know very few people in REAL LIFE that have Android tablets.  Could it be because they suck in terms of power, in terms of having apps that aren’t just enlarged phone apps, or perhaps even because, when you buy an Android phone (ranging from $50 – iPad pricing), you get Android 2.x – 4.x (and good luck upgrading without paying an IT tech nerd).

All these same idiots said the same thing about the iPhone.  It was a Mac/PC market all over again.  Um, nope.  There’s no financial benefit with Android phones.  If you get a free Android phone, you get a crapshoot on the version of Android.  If you get a free iPhone (4s), you get the LATEST iOS.  Pretty much a no-brainer.

The fact that Android has conquered the “welfare tablet” market is kind of like claiming Walmart has conquered the retail store world, even though it’s clear it has only conquered the “welfare retail” market.

Every asshole analyst loves claiming “Apple is teh d000meD!!!” in order to make headlines and justify their positions as “let’s make up more shit than a weatherman and get paid.”

This is NOT Mac/Windows all over again because:

• There’s no giant price savings if you want comparable hardware.
• Android does NOT have the tablet software (or even Phone software) that outnumbers iOS.
• And didn’t EVERY asshole back in the day use “quantity of software” as their measurement of why Windows was better (even though Mac had better quality)? In iOS vs Android, Android loses in both quantity AND quality.

Even reading the comments on his article suggests he loves writing negative Apple articles just to bring readers to his site and, thus, “prove” to his boss that he can write relevant stuff and get traffic.

Well, I’ve just helped you with traffic, but I’m making sure people know beforehand that you’re simply talking out of your ass with absolutely no proof.  Of anything.

In closing, the sun will be out tomorrow.  And/or the next day.  And/or the next day.  And/or the next day.  And/or the next day.  And/or the next day.  And/or the next day.  See?  I’m a great predictor like The Great Mattera™ and, sooner or later, I have to be correct out of sheer luck.

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2 Responses to Apple lost another market…

  1. ardentones says:

    Great Stuff!! Totally agree, iphones are just a brand, nothing good about them. Check out our blog post on Apple
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  2. Take To Task says:

    Thanks for posting spam. Your URL and email address have been fixed. I’m glad you “agree with me” by posting exactly the opposite of what I said. Fuck off.

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