If you haven’t read *any* of my previous blogs, go read them before you judge me even remotely as anti-Apple.  In fact, most people know me to be a HUGE Apple fan, both online and in person.  However, even Apple needs to be taken to task here for the Maps (Location Services) fiasco.

I have sent numerous corrections in for ONE location, my girlfiend’s brother’s house.  In this case, they had the street right, but kept putting his house across the street (in the woods).  Thankfully, the error is minor, but after a couple years, I expect the address to be at the house and not the woods.  Chalk up to an insignificant location, I suppose…

Shopping centers… it’s amazing how many stores still exist on Apple Maps, but haven’t existed in the real world for years.  Did Apple get data from 1997?  And why, after numerous corrections, do the phantom stores still exist?  How many correction submissions do they need?  Is this like bitcoin where they need 120 confirmations before it’s real?

We had a new bypass constructed about a year or so ago.  As SOON as it was ready for drivers, you could find the street and directions on Google Maps, Map Quest, and Waze (before Google’s purchase) but, as you guessed, Apple Maps not only didn’t have it, but kept trying to direct me off of “non-existent” roads back onto “main roads.”  I just checked today and it’s still not there.  WTF, Apple?

Last, but not least, “Siri, where is Pennsylvania Avenue?”  Now, whether I use Siri or Maps directly, a search for Pennsylvania Avenue (this is just an example, so don’t try it and expect exact results), I get a results for somewhere in Kentucky… or Texas… or *insert your favorite state here*, rather than checking my location and looking for the nearest street with that name.  Why can’t it search the township/city I’m in first, then check neighboring, then give up and do a state-wide search?  Why can it find a matching street name ANYWHERE but where I am, BUT BUT BUT if I give it a zip code with the street name, IT FINDS IT?  This is user-inefficiency at its finest.  I expect this shit from Microsoft, but NOT Apple.

I know there have been many articles suggesting that Apple Maps is used more than Google Maps, but that’s out of sheer laziness.  I like using Siri to just ask for a location, but I know it’s a crapshoot.  If I don’t give a zip code, Siri doesn’t care that I live in PA, it will give me that address in CA.  THEN I go to Google Maps, as a giant “Fuck you, Siri,” but I wish Location Services just worked.

I realize my examples are pure anecdote and yes, Google once took me to somebody’s house rather than the business park I needed for a job interview, but that type of error happened once.  Apple’s problems happen ALL THE TIME.

Stop apologizing for the Maps fiasco and just fix the fucking problem already.  I feel like you took all your “learning disabled” engineers and put them on the Location Services project.  “Uh, he asked for Pennsylvania Ave so it should check planet Mars first.”


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