Dan Farber – Walt Mossberg with hair.

Yeah… and that’s about it.  That’s his only claim to fame, I’m afraid.  😛


  • Anyone who has used iOS 7 is well aware that it’s more than just some fresh paint.
  • Anyone who claims control center is “stolen from Android” is oblivious to the fact that the Jailbreak community had it before anyone knew what an (An)Drooooooooid phone was.
  • Anyone who solely thinks a bigger phone is better than a smaller phone “because it’s bigger” is simply an idiot.  Liking something bigger is subjective.  Being an idiot because you say bigger is better is OBJECTIVE.  Oh, yeah!
  • Anyone who believes a “scaled up” version of a phone app for a tablet is good enough is an idiot (Android and iOS).  I don’t care how “smart” Android code is to adjust to the screen, iPad apps are very different beasts than their iPhone counterparts, including multiple windows and views within those windows.  Android’s ability to detect size and simply scale is a “good enough” solution at best for those that like shitty software.
  • I notice that it has been said that the QUALITY of apps on the Android market has matched that of iOS.  Please state these well-known QUALITY apps, especially for Android tablets.  They can be first party (Google) as well as third-party.  I’m willing to listen.  Ready?  Go!

In closing, where can I get a job like these analysts have?  Some of them have been analysts and “journalists” for 20+ years, yet they spew crap at best, make lousy predictions, and are just hit-whoring for their respective employers.

When somebody wants to hire a journalist with integrity (*cough* ME *cough*) — you know, someone who actually took video of an Android tablet and an iPad doing similar things, but the Android tablet SEVERELY lagging, despite having a “better processor” and all background apps killed — I think you know who to call.  I’ll actually research it, document it, video it, prove it, and post it, unlike these other fools who claim because they have been “journalists” for 20+ years, everything they say must be true.

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