Adria Richards — The type of *girl* who would fight tooth and nail to get into a men’s only club, only to later sue for being offended by something.

Oh, Adria. Where do we begin? Ok, let’s start with — I think it’s hilarious that you got fired over this. You wanted to pretend you were doing a service to all female kind, but you’re just a silly female with an inferiority complex that wanted to make a name for herself.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that IT is a male only club, but I am suggesting that IT should include people with half a brain not to start some shit.

From now on, when a male does something stupid, I’ll call him stupid. When a female does something stupid, she “did an Adria” or she’s being an “Adria.”

Really, even if he made an insensitive joke about dongles, let it go. What I love about my work is that we can all be off color at work, both males and females, and don’t have to worry about any Adrias getting offended by a comment with no intent to actually harm.

In closing, to the tech world (and to quote Howard Stern’s father):
“Don’t be an Adria, you moron!”

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