More and more talking out of one’s anus, while re-writing history.

Sometimes, you just have to start with a quote:

In short, Apple expectations are returning to earth. “Apple has had a tremendous run from 2001 until the end of last year,” says Kessler. “People want the company to invent a new category. In the past, they’ve done that so frequently and successfully that when they don’t seem to do it as much or as profoundly, questions arise.”

Meanwhile, Google is hot. For example, Google’s new Chromebook Pixel laptop is garnering positive reviews. (“Thank you, Google. For obsoleting my MacBook,” as one CNET writer put it.) And the company’s Google Glass wearable computing project — high-tech Internet-connected specs — is generating the sort of buzz usually reserved for Apple products.

So, this Scott Kessler is complaining that Apple has “frequently and successfully” invented new categories and, with Jobs now gone, Apple has lost its mojo and no longer doing so.

Frequently, as defined by Kessler, means:

  • Mac in 1984 (Computers)
  • iPod in 2001 (Music)
  • iPhone in 2007 (Phone)
  • iPad in 2010 (True tablets)

According to Scott’s own words, 4 times in close to 30 years is both “frequently and successfully.”  I’m sure he’ll later spin his comments to have included software, but as an Apple fan for a few decades, nobody has ever gotten excited for Apple’s software offerings by themselves, only their game-changing hardware (that includes the game-changing software).  I’d hate to have Scott on my team at work or doing anything of importance for my company if that’s how he defines success.  Sorry, Scott — YOUR words, exactly.  I paraphrased nothing.  At best, your a crappy analyst.  At worst, you’re a liar and stock manipulator.  For now, I’ll assume the former, since I don’t want it to come across as me accusing you of doing anything illegal.  I am not.

Just to be sure I understand who Scott is, I looked him up.  He can be found here:

Head of Technology Sector Equity Research, Internet Equity Analyst

Scott Kessler is a Senior Director with S&P Capital IQ. He leads the firm’s Technology Sector equity research efforts. He also covers Internet and Software stocks.

Oh yeah, and the last wearable product did so well, Scott.

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